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BirdPhilly is an major initiative of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club.

BirdPhilly needs your help to host the Philadelphia Bird Race. Your donation allows BirdPhilly to fulfill its potential. Donations directly benefit Bird Philly and go to offsetting expenses and developing future programs.

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Through BirdPhilly our goal is to increase interest and awareness of the region’s birds, and to build birders by providing quality birding experiences on expertly guided field trips. Most field trips are free, open to kids and adults, and many are scheduled at reasonable times of day, such as mid-morning or early afternoon. BirdPhilly will also spotlight valuable conservation programs and projects and raise funds for them by hosting an event called the Philadelphia Bird Race.

The Philadelphia Bird Race (PBR) is a ten-day birding fund-raiser event supporting education, awareness, and conservation of regional birdlife in the Philadelphia area. Teams will participate in birding events such as bird walks, Big Days, Big Sits, Mini-Days, a Roadrunner Challenge, and a Big Green Hour, together raising money for the designated conservation causes. Awards are given in several categories, and in a photo contest. There is also an award for the team that raises the most money. Participating in the PBR is fun, social, and keeps people active and outside. It brings the community together, offering the thrill of the chase, the puzzle of species identification, and the chance to help conserve birds in our own backyards.

Contact George Armistead or Tony Croasdale for more information