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DVOC Field Trip Report

November 18, 2006 (Saturday)
Franklin's and California Gull Trip

Leader: Matt Sharp

The first DVOC gull trip on Nov. 18 to the Tullytown area for gulls, turned out to be less than spectacular.

We had only the expected species listed below in order of relative abundance - the numbers are just comparative not real counts

Herring Gull - 10,000s of thousands
Great Black-back - 1000s
Ring-billed - maybe a 500-1000
Laughing Gull 400
Lesser Black-back @25

We had one confusing bird which was initially thought to be a California Gull but was more likely an odd, large Ring-billed still in mostly juvenile plumage with an abnormally solid brown tail. Two poor images are attached. Name of photographer withheld to protect his reputation.

On a completely unrelated note if anyone is willing, Rob Hynson is in need of of tutorial on how to focus his digital camera.

Never a good sign when the best bird was one you couldn't positively identify!

Other birds seen included at least 6 Red-tailed Hawks on the Tullytown landfill 1 Black and several Turkey Vultures. 2 Lesser Scaup on Franklin's Cove 95 Ruddy Duck, Buffleheads, and numerous Am. Coot on one of the ponds near Wheatsheaf Lane

An evocative sight was a small herd of deer on the crest of the Tullytown Landfill in the early morning light. Oh the beauty of a large mound of garbage!

Access to good viewing points is proving difficult this year since there does not seem to be active trash dumping at the Tullytown landfill so birds are not on the river or Franklin's Cove - at least not during the 2 times I was there.

Best viewing area seems to be Falls Township Park.

Pictures by Adrian Binns


Images by (name of photographer withheld to protect his reputation)