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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Frank Windfelder

November 3, 2007

Well, Bill Murphy and Chris Walters were both out of town, so Bert Filemyr graciously volunteered to co-lead. We had good north winds, but it was a bit cloudy. Fortunately, Paul Guris was there when we reached the hawk watch, because Paul always finds birds. On the negative side, I learned that two of the participants were named Mary Margaret (Halsey) and Margaret Mary (Fiabane), too much for my feeble brain.

The bottom line is that we had a great day. One of our first birds was a Golden Eagle. Red-tailed Hawks were a constant presence. Red-shouldered Hawks, several Northern Goshawks, and a couple of Common Ravens were great to see. We even saw another Golden Eagle, and three Bald Eagles. A Common Loon migrated overhead.

Bert spotted an Osprey on our drive home. Unfortunately, it was the kind manufactured by Boeing. Other participants were Dino Fiabane, Marty Dellwo, Mick Jeitner, Rob Hynson, and Sue Killeen.

The final raptor total was as follows:

Turkey Vulture – 12
Northern Harrier – 2
Red-tailed Hawk – 100+
Golden Eagle – 2
Red-shouldered Hawk – 8
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 4
Cooper’s Hawk – 4
Northern Goshawk – 4
Bald Eagle – 3
Northern Raven – 2

Pictures by Bert Filemyr