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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Kate Somerville

Port Richmond and Bridesburg, Philadelphia, PA
May 26, 2007

Starting in Fishtown at Beach and Cumberland, Chris, Herc, Frank and I birded the urban riverfront. Undaunted by Jason Sweeney’s memorial site, we moved beyond the graffiti enhanced piers and cement barriers to find at least 45 species, and a healthy-looking fox. Notably was the Common Loon flying over, spotted by Frank, in full adult plumage. We also saw two Black-crowned Night-herons, one in Fishtown, and the other up by Bridesburg. We also had an Orchard Oriole in Bridesburg. Most plentiful were the Willow Flycatchers. We also saw lots of Cedar Waxwings, Warbling Vireos and some Blackpolls and a good-looking Canada Warbler. Several expected species were missing, but maybe they moved down to the casino site where it is blocked off. The Fishtown area excited Frank; he wants to do it again in the fall.