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DVOC Field Trip Report

May 5, 2007 (Sunday)
Fort Washington State Park

Leader: Bill and Naomi Murphy

We had a very nice group of enthusiasts show up for the Ft. Washington State Park field trip. The morning started out quite cool and breezy….and very quiet. We picked up a few species along Ridge Road including Yellow-rumped Warbler, Great-crested Flycatcher, a number of Baltimore Orioles and a Scarlet Tanager. It wasn’t until we crossed Joshua Road and worked our way along the main trail that we began to get more birds. The breeze died down and we hear lots of bird song. We found a nice flock that included Black-throated Blues, Black-throated Greens, Parulas, Black & Whites, Chestnut-sided, Hooded, Magnolia, and Blue-winged Warblers along with Ovenbirds, Redstart, Yellow-throated and Yellow Warblers. In addition we found five species of thrush, two species of vireo and absolutely crippling views of a Pileated Woodpecker. All in all it was a very nice few hours of local birding.