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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Paul Guris

January 5, 2007 (Friday)
Pelagic Christmas Count


We started by running north about 3/4 of a mile from the beach. We did a quick detour to find the male HARLEQUIN DUCK hanging out near Deal.

As we headed out, seas were moderate and we had to contend with some rain showers and some areas of fog. As a result, we did not get offshore as far as we had hoped, but we did still manage to find 7 DOVEKIES. The first bird was just 6 miles offshore, the closest I've ever seen one to land by roughly 3X! Several gave good views, but I'd like to specifically thank the bird that flew along with the boat in great light. Hopefully this bodes well for this species on our February trips.

RAZORBILL continues to be unusually difficult this winter, probably due to the warm water. Hopefully they'll be increasing by February.

GANNETS did put on a nice show and we had multiple examples of all age classes.

Trip List

Here is our final list, not including birds inside or just outside of
the inlet (such as the Peregrine seen from the dock before we left):

12 Brant
2 Gadwall
1 Harlequin Duck
15 Long-tailed Duck
27 Red-breasted Merganser
16 Red-throated Loon
49 Common Loon
238 Northern Gannet
1 Great Cormorant
53 Bonaparte's Gull
6 Ring-billed Gull
150 Herring Gull
350 Great Black-backed Gull
7 Dovekie
1 Razorbill