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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Frank Windfelder

Pedricktown and Southwestern New Jersey
March 24, 2007 (Saturday)

Ten year summary 1998-2007

Our annual trip to the Pedricktown area began auspiciously. When I arrived at our usual meeting place at the Center Square railroad tracks, Sam Perloff was already there. American Woodcocks were in full display. All of the early participants, including Hank Hox, John Mercer, and Bob Horton, were able to enjoy the great show. Dennis and Anna Bert had arrived, and we proceeded to Birch Creek Marsh. There were many species of ducks there, but no Blue-winged Teal, a species that we were doomed to miss for the day.

A second group, including Chris Walters, Mary Margaret Halsey, and Tom Bailey, met us at the Pedricktown causeway, where we enjoyed a number of Tundra Swans and Greater Yellowlegs. We then headed to the Featherbed Lane area, where we scanned the enormous flocks of Snow Geese. We were able to find two Ross’s Geese and a Cackling Goose, both of which were lifers for at least one participant.

We enjoyed our usual rest stop and ice cream at Richman’s on route 45, before heading for an expected rendezvous with a Le Conte’s Sparrow. Despite thoroughly combing a field at Abbott’s Meadow Wildlife Management area, we could not find the sparrow, but were able to flush a Wilson’s Snipe. Next, we went to Mannington Marsh. The marsh held large numbers of American Wigeon and Wood Ducks, among many other species.

Our last stop of the day was at Wiggin’s Pond in Gibbsboro, New Jersey, where a Eurasian Wigeon had been reported. We scanned the large numbers of American Wigeon present, but without success. It was still a great day. Along the way, we had also seen Bald Eagle, Osprey, Black Vulture, Pied-billed Grebe, and many more.