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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Bert Filemyr

November 10, 2007
Saw-whet Owl Banding at Hidden Valley, PA

Leader: Bob Horton

Fifteen DVOCers enjoyed a several hours observing the banding operations at the Hidden Valley Banding Station about 5 miles west of Schuylkill Haven, PA.

The first check of the banding nets produced no owls but the head bander, Jim Logan, Jr. assured us that conditions were excellent for owl migration. Sure enough, the next net check resulted in a Saw-whet Owl to measure and band. As the night progressed, subsequent net checks produced six more owls.

It was great to observe these secretive birds close up and have the opportunity to learn about their behaviors and migration habits from experts. Several club members volunteer at this station and it was great to see them at work.

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Picture by Bert Filemyr