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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Frank Windfelder

August 28, 2007
John Hienz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, PA

Unlike the July trip, we were looking for migrant passerines as well as shorebirds. While we assembled in the parking lot, 3 Bobolinks went over, giving their characteristic “pink” call note.

The plan was to bird the “warbler woods” early in the morning. Despite muggy conditions which were not conducive for migration, we managed to find 10 species of warblers, a Worm-eating Warbler being the best one. The bird of the day however was a well seen and well marked Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. We also saw 8 Wild Turkeys.

We broke for a mid-morning brunch, and then headed down the dike for shorebirds. Higher water levels due to some heavy rain in recent days had reduced the variety, but we still managed to see an adult Long-billed Dowitcher in with some juvenile Short-billeds. Both yellowlegs were present, along with some peeps in flight. The highlight was the presence of 5 Black Terns in the company of Forster’s Terns.

Participants included Don Webb, Tony Croasdale, David Burns, Verne Lee, Rob Hynson, Leigh Ashbrook, Colin Campbell, Steve Kacir, Peggy and Dino Fiabane, Max Graber and Scott, Eric and Cindy Ahern.