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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Chris Walters

March 16, 2008
Barnegat, New Jersey

Lead by Chris Walters

Brushing aside the (as usual) misleadingly ominous forecasts of coastal rain, 11 observers led by Chris Walters and Brian Raicich (Upper Main Line YMCA) found 62 bird species at Barnegat Inlet and Brigantine NWR on March 16. Only a few drops of wind-blown rain were felt all day.

Harlequin Ducks and Purple Sandpipers saluted us promptly at the Barnegat jetty, as traditional winter finds. But the season is changing by mid-March, and at Brigantine Phoebes and Tree Swallows and an Osprey (on platform) were signs of the times, joining hordes of Snow Geese and a variety of duck species. A mated pair of Peregrines was great to see perched on the Peregrine Tower there, while Bluebirds and Red-winged Blackbirds were busy setting up early territories. The satisfying trip ended about 2:30 pm.