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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Sandra Keller

Gloucester County
May 19, 2008

We started at Glassboro Woods at 7:00AM.
Most of our highlights were here as the weather closed in later.
That wind in the afternoon was something! Morning was cool, not that windy, and mostly sunny. All of us enjoyed super looks at:

3 KENTUCKY WARBLERS - all males. We had many heard only birds also. I believe we had 5 breeding pairs today. Definitely a singing time for them.
WORM-EATING and HOODED WARBLERS were also singing a lot. Setting up those territories. We had excellent looks.
1 LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH - luck is always a part of a birding trip. We got lucky. Super looks. We just ran into it.
BLUE-WINGED WARBLER - kind of quiet with only 2 for us.
PINE WARBLERS - ditto. We only had three.
2 PROTHONOTARYS - again, very quiet. We only had 2 heard only.
All the breeders around. Except Prairie.
Migrant warblers:
Not many migrant warblers. I was surprised with what we did see because of the cold, rainy weather we have been having all week.
1 YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO - I can't recall the last time I had more Black-billed Cuckoos than Yellow-billed in the spring.
ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAKS - another migrant around. 2 pairs.
Both INDIGO BUNTINGS and BLUE GROSEAK were singing and showing nicely in that burned area along Carpenter.
1 VEERY - heard only.

Scotland Run - easier to see with no understory. But few birds here. Time of day also. And the weather. We flushed a WOODCOCK along one of the trails. Weather was really closing in.

Floodgates and Wiggins Pond. Gibbstown area. Not much. Imagine 25 mph winds off the river also!

All in all a fantastic morning with those breeders at Glassboro Woods really mostly cooperating. 72 species total for our Gloucester County day.