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DVOC Field Trip Report
Report by Patty Rehn

March 12, 2016
Barnegat Light and Mannahawkin, New Jersey

The trip to Barnegat Light this March was wonderful. It was a beautiful day with mild temps. We had many great birds and birders. We started the day with the local Peregrin Falcon at his favorite early morning perch atop the light house. Long-tailed ducks were everywhere to be seen and heard. Many loons were about, as were Black Scoters and Surf Scoters. A Great Cormorant was hanging out with some Double-crested Cormorants, too. Many Dunlin and Purple Sandpipers were also seen. One of the participants from Delaware got his life Purple Sandpiper and life Great Cormorant on the trip. Congratulations!

But the excitement of the trip was just beginning when Cliff Hence noticed a female Long-tailed Duck trapped among the rocks in the jetty. Cliff instigated a rescue of the duck. She had a fishing hook in her wing with fishing line attached. The fishing line was tangled in the rocks preventing her from flying away or swimming out. With the Help of Steve Mattan, they managed to cut the fishing line that was trapping her among the rocks. Cliff then put her snuggly in his coat pocket and made the long journey down the Jetty to his car where he took her to Cedar Run Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. You can see and read the full rescue story here: http://recycledphotons.blogspot.com/2016/03/is-that-bird-in-your-pocket.html

Thanks to everyone for attending.

Any questions on this trip or the upcoming trips, please email.
Patty Rehn pattyrehn5 (at) gmail.com