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Updated Saturday, October 31, 2015


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One Twenty Fifth Gala
Click Here for Report Pat and Clay Sutton Reflections of the DVOC

Centennial Banquet


Click Here for Pictures Paul Butler Conservation in the Carribean

Seventy-fifth Anniversary Dinner


Click Here for Pictures Herb Cutler "This is the D.V.O.C That Was."
Roger Tory Peterson Remarks
Richard H. Plough "Ornithology as It Might Be in A Generation"
Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner
  J. Fletcher Street "The D.V.O.C., Its Past and Future"
Dr. Alexander Wetmore "The A.O.U. Check-List"
Dr. James P. Chapin "Opportunites of Ornithology"
Dr. A. K. Fisher "Reminiscences of Fellow Ornithologists"
Charles M. B. Cadwalder "The Relationship of the D.V.O.C. to the Academy of Natural Sciences"
Fortieth Anniversary Dinner
    A movie of "prehistoric life" was shown.
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Dinner
Click Here for items related to this dinner Robert Thomas Moore "The D.V.O.C., or How a Great Egg was Hatched"



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