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William Lloyd Baily
From obituary published in Cassina Volume XXXVII (1949)

The Founders of the DVOC
William Lloyd Baily

1862 - 1947


The papers of William Lloyd Baily are in the Archives at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia

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Facts about William Lloyd Baily

Interesting Links

Click Here for the Origins of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club by William Lloyd Baily

Click Here for William Loyd Baily, Sr by William Lloyd Baily that appeared in Cassinia XXIII (1919). William Loyd Baily, Sr. was William Lloyd Baily's uncle

Click Here for a letter from William Lloyd Baily to J. Fletcher Street dated 1/20/1940 in which he speaks of the origins of DVOC


From the DVOC's 20th Anniversary Souvenir Brochure

From the DVOC's 20th Anniversary Souvenir Brochure

From the DVOC's 20th Anniversary Souvenir Brochure

Interesting Specimens Collected by William Lloyd Baily
(There are 91 specimens collected by Baily in the collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA)

White-throated Sparrow x Dark-eyed Junco Hybrid
Haverford College 12/12/1882


Bewick's Wren
Wynnewood, Montgomery County, PA 4/12/1890

Leuistic Dark-eyed Junco
Wynnewood, Montgomery County, PA 4/17/1890





1926 Map of Wynnewood, Montgomery County, showing the estate of William L. Baily -" Langmere". The estate is long gone but it was located along Lancaster Avenue US Route 30 just south of the intersection with Church Road. (see map)
The top of this map is oriented to ENE and not to North as is common.


Final Resting Place

William Lloyd Baily is buried in section C142 of the South-Western Friends Meeting Cemetery, 236 Powell Lane, Upper Darby, PA 19082
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