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J. Harris Reed
Picture taken on Charles Voelker's porch in Alden, PA (1901)
(Courtesy of Historical Society of Haddonfield)

The Founders of the DVOC
J. Harris Reed
About 1862 - in or after 1937

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Facts about J. Harris Reed

Personal Life

Professional Life


Interesting Links

J. Harris Reed Trunk for sale - 2/2011
This was it was sold to someone through an antique dealer. Current location unknown.

The Terns of Great Gull Island, N. Y., during 1897. By J. Harris Reed (Auk: Volume XV 1898)


The first bird photograph shown before the DVOC taken by J. Harris Reed, September 1891.
The remarkably successful results are due to the fact that the birds were killed and mounted by Charles Voelker some years before they were placed in the swamp to be photographed.

Interesting Specimen Collected by J. Harris Reed
(There are 9 specimens collected by Reed in the collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA)

Yellow Warbler
Tinicum, Delaware County, PA 4/23/1891





Final Resting Place



A. 1880 Census http://search.ancestry.com/Browse/view.aspx?dbid=6742&path=Pennsylvania.Philadelphia.Philadelphia.218.3&sid=&gskw=J.+H.+Reed

B. 1910 Census

C. 1920 Census


D. 1930 Census