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The Founders of the DVOC
Witmer Stone

1866 - 1939

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The papers of Witmer Stone are at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

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This page includes facts, links, pictures, specimens, residences, and final resting place.

Facts about Witmer Stone

Personal Life


Professional Life

Interesting Links


Interesting Specimens Collected by Witmer Stone
(There are about 1,230 specimens collected by Stone in the collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA)

Black-throated Blue Warbler
Harvey's Lake, Luzerne County, PA 6/16/1891

Wilson's Warbler
Germantown (Philadelphia), PA 5/14/1890

Blue-headed Vireo (Solitary Vireo)
Germantown (Philadelphia), PA 10/10/1890



In the 1880 US Census Stone (age 12) was living with his family on Logan Street in Philadelphia, PA. In the household were his father (age 39), his mother (age 37) and his brother Frederick D. (age 6).

In the 1900 US Census Stone (age 33) was living at 4520 Regwent Street in Philadelphia, PA with his mother (Anne 57) and a servant.

In the 1910 US Census Stone (age 43) was living with his wife Lillie M. at 5044 Hazel Avenue in Philadelphia PA

In the 1920 US Census Stone (age 53) was living with his wife Lillie M and his mother Anne W., his neice Margaret A. Darr, and a servant at 5044 Hazel Avenue in Philadelphia PA.

In the 1930 US Census Stone (age 63) was living with his wife and a servant at 452 Church Lane in Philadelphia PA.

Final Resting Place


Witmer Stone, and his wife Lillie, are buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia PA




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