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Exert from
A History of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, The First One Hundred Years

by Phillips M. Street (as published in Cassinia No. 63 1988-1989 Centennial Edition)


A Witmer Stone Award for Ornithological Research was established in 1943. It may be awarded annually at the discretion of the Council to that member who submits the best paper, not published prior to the last such award, which embodies the results of ornithological research not undertaken in the course of professional duties.

A Julian K. Potter Award was established in 1964. It may be presented annually to that member who has made an outstanding contribution to field.

What was intended to be the Club's most prestigious award is a certificate depicting a queer-looking caricature of a bird drawn by Joseph Devlin and naming the recipient a DEVOC-one who has devoted a long and useful life to the sport and science of bird study as a member of the Club. This honor has only been bestowed by Council three times - to Julian Potter in 1958, Henry Underdown in 1960 and Norman McDonald in 1963.

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