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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting of April 19, 2001

The meeting was called to order by President Ron French.
26 members and 2 guests were present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Committee Reports:

President Ron French announced that at tonight's Council Meeting, it was agreed that $2500 of the club's conservation funds be set aside for the purchase of trays for ANS's Ornithological Department specimens. He noted that the cabinets which house the trays cost $4500 apiece, and said the club could consider contributing additional conservation funds in the future. He said that additional contributions from members (World Series pledges, etc.) will make it possible to provide $300 to VFAS and $300 to SCEE for habitat preservation projects.

President Ron French did a first reading of letters of recommendation for membership for Marjorie Keefe and Dr. Paul Driver.

Jane Henderson reported that members should have received the Spring 2001 Larus.

Field Trips:
Upcoming field trips:
Colin Campbell's Pocomoke Swamp weekend, May 4-6 for Black Rail
Frank Windfelder's Pennypack Creek Park trip, May 12 for passerines
Andy Ednie's White Clay Creek trip, May 13 for passerines
Don Jones's Hawkin Road trip, May 20 for warblers, grassland species
Alan Brady's all night pelagic trip, May 20: "a few spots left."

May 3: Nate Rice, "An Avifaunal Survey of the Acari Mountains in Southern Guyana"
May 17: Leo Joseph, "How DNA helps us to see what we don't see when we see birds: examples from cuckoos and flycatchers."
June 7: Pete Bacinski, "The Butterflies of New Jersey."

No reports from Archives, Ornithological Studies, Checklist or Website

Ron French reported on the death of DVOC past president and trustee, Steve Wing.

Ron French announced that he will be out of the country, and unable to be present at the May meetings. Sandy Sherman has agreed to run those meetings.

Don Jones reported that Ed Bruder will be looking for upland sandpipers on Friday, May 11 at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. Call 856-866-0167 for information.

Roy Frock reported that, April 8-10, Derby Hill, above Syracuse on Lake Ontario, had 4500 migrating hawks, including many rough-legs. He said the next two weeks of April will see the peak of hawk migration there. Many icterids too. "It beats hell out of Hawk Mountain," he noted. For more information, contact Onandaga Audubon Society.

Local Notes:
Bill Murphy reported on the Black-backed Woodpecker at PEEC, seen close to the paved road on Tuesday, April 17.

Joe Majdan said the Purple Martin migration has been slow this year. Six "scouts" appeared on April 6. He saw five birds Wednesday night, April 18.

Jack Stewart saw the Black-backed Woodpecker at PEEC on Wednesday, April 18. He said that, up till then, the Black-backed was the only woodpecker he had not yet seen in the ABA area. He had been to PEEC on Thursday, April 12, and called on Saturday and Sunday. When he went to PEEC on Wednesday with Al Driscoll, he was told that the bird had just left. After searching around, Jack wrote out a check to PEEC, and shortly thereafter the bird appeared.

Sandy Sherman went to FDR Park on April 14, where she has done migration counts. That day she saw Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Eastern Towhees, a Common Loon on the pond and Pied-billed Grebes. She noted that she heard Palm Warblers singing.

Colin Campbell birded Delaware on Easter Sunday. He found early migrants, Prothonotary Warblers and Wood Thrushes, at Nanticoke. He also reported Barred and Great-horned Owls, Red-headed Woodpeckers and American Golden Plover. At Little Creek he had 518 American Avocets as well as Palm Warblers (one singing) and a Louisiana Waterthrush.

Alan Brady went out looking for the Ruff near Salem Oak. He did not find one. He also saw a Barn Owl, and noted that it was standing knock-kneed. Also a big Ibis flock.

Ron French birded Mason Point in Salem County and saw a Ruff. He saw a Pine Warbler, feeding on nuts, in his backyard. He reported Red-throated and Common Loons at Peace Valley, and a Little Gull at Nockamixon.

Jane Henderson reported a good bird walk on Thursday morning, April 19 on Forbidden Drive in Philadelphia: 30+ Palm Warblers, Northern Parula, Black-throated Green Warbler, 40+ Ruby-crowned Kinglets, several Golden-crowned Kinglets, Yellow-throated Vireo, Blue-headed Vireo, Pileated Woodpecker. Total of 6 woodpecker species.

Alice Doolittle discussed status, trends and recovery efforts for the Piping Plover, focusing on the Delaware and Great Lakes areas.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Henderson
Acting Secretary

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