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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for April 5th, 2001

The meeting was called to order by President Ron French.
50 members and 5 guests were present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Committee Reports:

Jan Gordon's mentioned that the Purple Martin's dawn song at Bartram Gardens has been in effect since March 3rd. She also passed around the pledge sheet for the bird-a-thon. Proposals to council for the money raised include, trays for the Academy's Ornithological departments skin collection and habitat projects for Valley Forge Audubon and the Schuylkill Center.

Ornithological Studies:
Chuck Hetzel reports that Nate Rice, Earl Harrison and he will be working on a carotenoid study.

Field Trips:
Frank Windfelder's March 31st Pedricktown field trip produced mixed results. The Woodcocks went to bed early, the blackbirds left for greener pastures, the Ruff drowned, the Eurasian Wigeon was hiding, the ice cream was fantastic, both the Bald Eagle and Great Horned Owl decided not to abandon their eggs and the Sandhill Cranes were of mixed parentage!
Two upcoming field trips include Colin Campbell's Delmarva Weekend May 4-6 for Black Rail and Pennypack Creek Park with Frank Windfelder on Saturday May 12th for passerines.

Colin Campbell announced the following program line up:

April 19th - Alice Doolittle: "Status, Trends and Recovery efforts for the Piping Plover"

May 3rd - Nate Rice: "An avifaunal survey of the Acari Mountains in southern Guyana".

May 17th - Leo Joseph: "How DNA helps us see what we don't see when we see birds; examples from cuckoos and flycatchers".

June 7th - Pete Bacinski: "Butterflies of New Jersey".

And a reminder that fall programs will start on Sept 20th with Sam Freid:"Belize".

October 4th - Frank Windfelder: "Willets"

There were no reports from Archives, Publications, Checklist or Website.


Ron French announced that the latest issue of Wild Bird magazine had an article on Philadelphia birding by Keith Russell and Adrian Binns.

Michael O'Brien reminded all of the upcoming may 20th Spring Wing Fling in Ocean County.

Alan Brady still has space on his May 25th all-nighter to the Hudson Canyon on the miss Barnaget Light.

Joe Majdan brought in sweatshirts for sale.

Al Bilheimer thanks all those that help him with his trip to Ontario for the Owls, where he picked up 8 new species.

Local Notes:

Bill Murphy found a Marbled Godwit at Pedricktown. (Rare in spring!)

Joe Majdan said Purple Martin scouts were being seen and that he expects them April 7th at his gourds. Last year he had 36 pairs. Mike O'Brien expects Purple Martins at Brigantine on the 15th.

Joann Raine found Barred Owls feeding young in Burlington County. Roy Frock mentioned that there is a wonderful Owl Cam from Massachusetts.

Erica Brendal found a Screech Owl hole in the Wissahickon with one gray and one red morph.

Fred Crown noticed peculiar behavior at Loxahatchee in Florida, when he saw Red-shouldered Hawks camouflaging their nest with greenery to stop Great Horned Owls assaults.

Also in Florida, Armas Hill warned everyone that the Miccosukee police could ticket you if you didn't signal before pulling out into the highway! (What did he do with the money his parents gave him for driving lessons?)

George Reynard told us that Cornell was working on the only known recording of a Bicknell's Thrush call that he had unknowingly recorded in the Antilles.

Sandy Sherman told us that there was a Bald Eagles nest in New Jersey that is visible from Gov.
Prince Park in Delaware County.

While at Conowingo last month, Gene Gladston observed an active Bald Eagles nest in the middle of the large Great Blue Heronry.

Rick Mellon's lifelong search for the Northern Lights is OVER! All he had to do was walk out into his backyard last Friday evening to see the wonderful spectacle. (Duh!)

Andy Ednie noted that migrants were on the move in Delaware, including Purple Martins, Barn Swallows and a Louisiana Waterthrush on the 27th.

Roy Frock noted that 500,000 Broadwings passed over Corpus Christi last Thursday.

Bob Mercer noted Pine Warbler, Bald eagle and Osprey at Silver Lake in Bristol.

Ron French had Snipe and Red-shouldered Hawk at Bradford Dam.


Colin Campbell substituting for an ailing Shawneen Finnegan, finally got a chance to dust off his slide trays and presented a wonderful program on Scotland and its bird life.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns

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