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Minutes of the DVOC for December 6, 2001

President Ron French called the meeting to order
The minutes of the November 1st meeting were read and approved with following amendment.
DVOC member Hank Hallowell is not dead. It was another Hank Hallowell who passed away.
35 members and 3 guests were present

First reading of a letter nominating Joan Eitzel for membership
First reading of a letter nominating Henry and Margaret Schaeffer for membership

Committee Reports
No reports from: Conservation, Cassinia, Larus, or Ornithological Studies

Field Trips
Upcoming trips
1/12 Florence NJ for wintering gulls with Ward Dasey
2/16-17 Montauk NY with Erica Brendel and Chris Walters

Upcoming Programs
12/20/01 "Memorable Moments in Birding" presented by various club members
1/3/02 General membership meeting featuring Christmas Bird Counts. Refreshments will be provided
1/17/02 "Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee" presented by Matt Sharp

Nominating Committee
Report presented by Hart Rufe on behalf of himself and Bill Murphy
The following slate of candidates was presented for consideration by the membership
President - Colin Campbell
Vice President - Adrian Binns
Secretary - Chris Walters
Treasurer - Naomi Murphy
Council - Anita Guris
Council - Lynn Jackson

· The Club receive a thank-you note from August Sexauer on his receiving the Julian Potter award.
· Hate Rufe urged club members to serious consider supporting the fund raising efforts of the Academy relating to the new storage candidates.
· Alan Brady read a passage from an old Cassinia related to a search for an Ivory-billed Woodpecker
· George Reynard reminded members of an article in a recent New Yorker Magazine concerning Ivory-billed Woodpecker.
· Chris Walters reminded club members of the Philadelphia Winter Census on 1/5/02. Contact Keith Russell if you are interested.
· Emerson Bowes reminded club members that he needs information if our website is to be kept current. He suggested that recent photography contest members submit their pictures for posting on the website. Hart Rufe suggested that minutes of the meetings be posted on the website.
· Chuck Hetzel announced that the Academy of Natural Sciences will unveil a new website design for their site after the first of the year.
· Steve Kerr shared several photographs including one of a juvenile Virginia Rail

Local Notes
· Chris Walters reported several sighting of Bald Eagles - 2 at Brigantine, 1 at Marsh Creek and 2 at Green Lane
· Doris McGovern reported three Bald Eagles at Tinicum
· Jan Gordon announced that there was no access to the Conowingo Dam parking lot, a traditional spot for viewing Bald Eagles.
· Jan Gordon missed the Snowy Owls but did see a Ross's Goose at Brigantine.
· Alan Brady saw Pine Siskins on 12/6 when he picked up Ron French to come to this meeting.
· Doris McGovern saw four Snowy Owls at Brigantine over the recent weekend. She also reported a new "house bird." A Hairy Woodpecker visited her bedroom.
· Ron French spoke about a recent Carolina Wren that was in his house.
· Roy Frock, on 11/28, had two snowy Owls and two Peregrine Falcons at Brigantine. He also saw a Rough-legged Hawk near bass River
· A dark phase Rough-legged hawk was reported at Manahawkin
· Armas Hill reported on the recent pelagic from Brielle on the Atlantis. 50 Northern Fulmar, 500 Red Phalarope, 1500 Black-legged Kittiwakes, Thick-billed Murre, Razorbill, Puffin, Parasitic Jaeger and 20 Pomarine Jaegers were among the highlights.
· Ron French reported on 12/1 he had two Baltimore Orioles, one Yellow-breasted Chat and four Greater White-fronted Geese at Peace valley
· Al Driscoll and Don Jones viewed the Townsend's Warbler at Sandy Hook on 12/3
· Steve Kerr was at Cape May on 12/1. He had a Baltimore Oriole, Red Crossbills, Pine Siskins and both species of sharp-tailed sparrows. Over the Thanksgiving weekend he had a Blackpoll warbler
· Chuck Hetzel saw 12 Black Vultures kettling over Upper Roxbourgh on 11/17
· Don Jones reported on Saw-whet Owls. One at Palmyra, two at Taylor's Refuge and three at Medford.
· Erica Brendel reminded members that Saturn is visible in the evening sky.

Doug Tallamay from the University of Delaware presented a program on "Alien Plants." A spirited discussion followed his presentation.

Respectfully submitted

Bert Filemyr - Acting Secretary

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