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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for February 15th, 2001

The meeting was called to order by President Ron French.
31 members and 3 guests were present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read, amended and approved.

Andrew Ingersoll's nomination for membership was approved.
Norma Van Dyke's membership nomination was read for the first time.

Committee Reports:
There were no reports from Archives, Conservation or Programs.

Cassinia is at the printers.

Ornithological Studies:
Chuck Hetzel is looking for volunteers to monitor daily bird kills at the Roxborough Towers.

Field Trips:
Paul Guris reminded all that the March 4th Cape May Pelagic was full, and that there could possibly be one on March 11th.
Alan Brady May 25th Pelagic out of Barnaget Light still has spaces.

Nate Rice was on hand asking for a hand to transfer the Academy collection skins from the "old wood" to the new steel cabinets - a project that will take 18 months.

Local Notes:
Chris Walters reported seeing 7 Sandhill Cranes at Bostwick Lake.

Not So Local Notes:
Bert Filemyr raced to Bracebridge, Ontario for 2 Great Gray Owls.

Paul Guris noted that 2 Hawk Owls were within ½ an hour of Amherst Island, and that a Great Gray and Gyr Falcon had been reported from Kingston.

Alan Brady reminded those that could not afford the $3 ferry fee to Amherst, that there was no charge to get onto Wolfe Island.

Keeping with the Canadian theme, Joe Majdan noted that a Canadian Shorebird
Survey stated that the numbers of Mountain Plovers where less than 9000 and under 10,000 for Snowy and Piping Plovers.

Adrian reported that several DVOC members, including the Rufe's and Jane Henderson had seen the 4th record of Yellow-faced Grassquit in the Everglades.

Bob Mercer and auctioneer-in-training Paul Guris, begged us to dig deep into our pockets for whatever lose change we could muster, all in the name of unloading the overload of avian archives and literature, that were generously donated for the annual auction.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns


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