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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for January 18th, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Ron French. 30 members and 1 guests were present.
The minutes of the meeting held January 4th, were read and approved.

Bill Haber was nominated for membership by Ron French and Colin Campbell.

Ron French announced the death of long time member Fred Mears and that Council had bestowed posthumously the honor of Fellow of the DVOC.

On behalf of the general membership of the DVOC the Council wishes to bestow posthumously on Fred K. Mears the honor of Fellow of the DVOC. Fred's contributions to the field of ornithology are many. He was a naturalist and resident ornithologist at Peace Valley Nature Center for many years. During this time he also participated in raptor migration research at Bake Oven Knob, PA and later upon his retirement moved to Cape May, NJ, and volunteered his services to the Cape May Bird Observatory leading bird walks, conducting beginning bird classes and, particularly, assisting at the annual sea watch in Avalon, NJ.
Although Fred found it difficult to get to meetings because of the distances involved he was very proud of his membership in the DVOC, his membership dating from 1958. The club is honored to have him as a member.

There were no reports from Archives, Banquet, Checklist, Conservation, Ornithological Studies or Publications.

Field Trips:
Frank Windfelder reported on the Florence Gull extravaganza January 6th. Amongst the estimated 100,000 gulls, none other than Frank himself, was able to pick out a probable Adult Thayer's, with an all-white head. Several Iceland's and numerous Lesser Black-backed Gulls
were present.

Chris Walter's reported on the successes and misfortunes of the 13 people who participated in the Montauk weekend Jan 13-15th . Perfect weather; the loss of a vehicle; a friendly competition between Revolutionary War opponents… with the same results! Highlights included a Barrow's Goldeneye, several Razorbill, Red-necked Grebe, rafts of Scoters, Glaucous Gull, 26 species of duck including Colin's brilliant find of a drake Tufted Duck.

Paul Guris and Alan Brady left fliers for their upcoming pelagics out of Cape May and Brielle resprectively.

Trustee's Report: Chris Walters reports that the Endowment Fund, which began with money from life memberships, has grown to $97,898.44, following a very good year of growth.
Joe Majdan inquired about whether the DVOC has an umbrella liability insurance policy. The answer was no.

Colin Campbell announced the following programs:
2/1 - Doug Wechsler on his "Megaexpedition to Borneo"
2/15 - Book Auction with Bob Mercer
3/1 - Gary Stiles on "Hummingbirds and Flowers: Ecological Patterns"

Ron French read the criteria for nominating someone to be honored as guests of the DVOC at the annual banquet for their contribution to the birding community:

The honor shall be given to any person or persons that are non-members and not necessarily a part of the birding community, in recognition of work done that has contributed to the overall welfare of the birding community.

Joe Majdan announced that he had hat available for sale and that the sweatshirts should be available next meeting.

Martin Selzer invited all to the Schyukill Center Friday evening for a program on Birding India by Tom Southerland.

Ron French announced that Steve Wing was resigning as a Trustee and that it is the Presidents privilege to appoint someone to the position. Paul Guris has accepted to fill the vacant position.

Doris McGovern had a newspaper article on Minnesota's first Crested Caracara if anyone was interested in reading it.

Local Notes:
Paul Guris and assorted cohorts ventured for a 3 day owl prowl to the Great White North. Amherst Island had 6 Snowy , 4 Boreal, 6 Saw-whets, 8 Long-eared and a dozen Short-eared, along with an Ivory Gull seen from the ferry. On the mainland a Hawk Owl at Blessington and at Brace Bridge a Hawk Owl and 2 Great Gray's, one of which happily feed on gerbils!! At Alqonquin, Gray Jay, Boreal Chickadee and hundreds of White-winged Crossbills.

Alan Brady's on a $23, 5-hour whale watch out of Brielle had Harbor porpoise, 6 Fin-backed and 1 Minke Whale along with 10 razorbills.

Joe Majdan's quest for a Ruffed Grouse continues to be an adventure in futility, despite 6 hrs of searching in prime habitat with the aid of hunters and bird dogs.

Evening Program:
Bob Curry presented a program on "The Timing of Breeding and Climate Change in the Florida
Scrub Jay", illustrating that temperature change had little effect of breeding times, yet the availability of frogs my well be an indicator as to when they began to nest.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns


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