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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for January 4th, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Ron French. 50 members and 6 guests were present.
The minutes of the meeting held December 21st, were read, amended and approved.

There were no reports from Banquet, Checklist, and Conservation.

Field Trips: Upcoming trips include Florence for Gulls with Ward Dasey on January 6th.
Chris Walter's Montauk weekend Jan 13-15th promises more than just brutal weather.
Paul Guris has a Pelagic out of Cape May aboard the Miss Chris, on March 4th.

Archives: Katrina Knight has found someone to bind the minutes.

Larus: Jane Henderson expects the next issue to be out in mid-February.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel noted that the new cabinets in the collections department would coming in later this year, and he would need help in moving the skins into their new draws.
Help is also needed at the Schuylkill Center to restore habitat for the Kentucky Warbler.
Nate Rice has asked Chuck to monitor the Birdkill's at the Dominoe Lane Tower.

Nominating Committee: Bill Murphy announced that Jane Henderson and Dennis Bert would serve on council.
Ron French announced that council had made Joe Majdan a fellow.

Publications: Sandy Sherman announced that Cassinia should be out in a couple of months.

Treasure's Report: Baffling us with a skillfully produced folded brochure; logos, images and numbers perfectly juxtaposed, and despite Naomi's world list going up at an incredible rate this last year, the club finances are no worse for wear.

Trustee's Report: Despite having no solid proof in his hands, Chris Walters tells us, "It looks like a very good year, considering……..". Actually the two funds, Windsor and Vanguard look as though they will show 15% and 19% profits respectively.

Colin Campbell announced the following programs:
1/18 - Bob Curry on "The timing of breeding and climate change in the Florida Scrub Jay"
2/1 - Doug Wechsler on his "Megaexpedition to Borneo"
2/15 - Book Auction with Bob Mercer
3/1 - Gary Stiles on "Costa Rica"
3/15- Daniel Edelstein on "Bird Songing: the Ecology of Birds' Songs and Identifying them by
Thereafter programs by Shawneen Finnegan, Daphne Gemmell and Pete Bascinski are being

Fighting back tears, Joe Majdan thanked the club for being honored as a fellow. He also mentioned that sweatshirts featuring the club's logo would be ready for purchase soon.

Roy Frock announced the passing of New Jersey lister, Dick Dunlap.

Tom Bailey left brochures to his upcoming NJ Audubon trip to Nome, Gambell and the Pribilofs in Alaska.

Doris McGovern had a newspaper article on Minnesota's first Crested Caracara if anyone was interested in reading it.

Local Notes:

Ron French reports at least one Barnacle Goose at Peace Valley, possible a browner backed individual as well.

Alan Brady's reported that Ken Reiker had found a Clay-colored Sparrow at Peace Valley.

Emmerson Bowes had a Snowy Owl near Linvale several weeks ago.

Doris McGovern had 2 Black-headed Gulls at Indian River Inlet in Delaware, Jan 1st.

Katrina Knight reports Blue Marsh has 2 banded Trumpeter Swans, 3 Rough-legged Hawks, 2 Northern Shrikes and loads of Harriers.

Chuck Hetzel had a Snowy Owl on 55th St in Avalon.

Evening Program: Colin Campbell presided over the areas 22 Christmas Bird Count reports. No mega-rarities were found and the horrendous winter weather was the story for the 2000 CBC.
Winter finches seem to be non-existent; Cape May had an Allen's Hummingbird as well as an Ash-throated Flycatcher; Cape Henlopen had a Little Gull; Tinicum a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher and Oceanville a Painted Bunting; and, overall there seems to be more Turkeys about!

More than several rounds of fine Ales and an assortment of nibbles were available to everyone following the program. They didn't last long!

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns


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