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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for March 1st , 2001

The meeting was called to order by President Ron French.
45 members and 5 guests were present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Norma Van Dyke's nomination for membership was approved.

Committee Reports:
Katrina Knights tells us that 110 years of minutes will shortly be going to the binder.

Sandy Sherman will need help in mailing Cassinia when it is ready.

No report!

Jan Gordon's needs suggestions for the allocation of bird-a-thon funds.

Ornithological Studies:
Earl Harrison will be collaborating with Chuck Hetzel on the study of cartinoids.

Field Trips:
Paul Guris had added a Cape May Pelagic on March 11th. He needs 30 people to make it a go.
Frank Windfelder's March 31st field trip to Mannington Marsh promises a ladies room stop, and possibly Ross' Goose or Clay-colored Sparrow.
Adrian Binns' trip to Ontario, produced 1 Boreal, 12 Long-eared, 3 Short-eared and a Snowy Owl on Amherst Island; 2 Hawk Owls and 4 Great Grays, including one very co-operative one in Bracebridge. At Algonquin, 3 Boreal Chickadees, 3 Gray Jays and numerous White-winged Crossbills.

Colin Campbell has the following programs lined up:

March 15th - Daniel Edelstein: "Bird Songing"

April 5th - Shawneen Finnegan: "How to REALLY look at birds".

April 19th - Alice Doolittle: "Status, Trends and Recovery efforts for the Piping Plover"

May 3rd - Nate Rice: "An avifaunal survey of the Acari Mountains in southern Guyana".

May 17th - Leo Joseph: "How DNA helps us see what we don't see when we see birds; examples from cuckoos and flycatchers".

June 7th - Pete Bacinski: "Butterflies of New Jersey".

And a reminder that fall programs will start on Sept 20th with Sam Freid.

Emmerson Bowes tells us that the website has been revised and that there is now scrolling news

Fran Windfelder is looking for good Internet sites of bird images, as well as old Audubon magazines.

Ron French announced that there would be a council meeting before the next meeting, to discuss Conservation funding and a new sight for the Banquet.

In a seemingly endless quest for mathematical problems, Joe Majdan was curious as to number of current members we have, versus the maximum we may have had in the past! For those not so mathematical inclined, over ½ the sweatshirts have been sold, but don't ask me how many we started with.

Local Notes:
Katrina Knight reports that waterfowl are on the move at Lake Ontelaunee, with Greater White-fronted Geese, Wood Duck and Red Heads being seen. There was also a Northern Shrike at Blue Marsh.

Ron French noted that a Northern Shrike was also at Green Lane.

Joe Majdan saw a dozen Killdeer in a tight circle………!

Frank Windfelder noted a Fox Sparrow, an early migrant, in his yard.

Bob Mercer had over 80,000 Snow Geese and 8,000 Tundra Swans at Middle Creek.

Paul Guris has a dozen Purple Finches in his yard, including 5 males.

Colin Campbell had Hooded, Magnolia, Yellow-throated, Wood Thrush…………..in Belize!

Andy Ednie had a Razorbill at Barnegat Inlet; Black-headed Gull at Indian Inlet; White Pelican and an albino Vulture at Indian River Bay; Avocet at Logan Tract. There was also a report of Brown-headed Nuthatch at Little Creek.

Ron French noted the Clay-colored Sparrow was still at Peace Valley, Lesser Black-backed Gulls are all over the lake as are Common Mergansers. Canvasback and Redhead were also being seen.
His New England trip with Adrian, produced a Hawk Owl and White-winged Crossbills in New Hampshire; Glaucous, Iceland Gulls, Lapland Longspurs, Snow Buntings, Horned Larks, Merlin and Rough-legged Hawk in Newburyport and Thick-billed Murre, Razorbill, Black Guillimot and Black-headed Gull on Cape Ann.

Gary Stiles presented a program on the relationship and interactions of hummingbirds and flowers.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns


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