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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting of May 3rd, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Sandy Sherman, (substituting for Ron French).
28 members and 4 guests were present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Committee Reports:

Sandy Sherman mentioned that she and Chris Walters went to Phil Streets residence to sort through his birding book collection, and she bought in a number of early 70's magazines for anyone who was interested.

Sandy Sherman asked everyone in attendance to help support our only fundraiser, with pledges for the World Series of Birding.

Sandy Sherman reported that Cassinia was moving along slowly.

Field Trips:
Upcoming field trips:
Colin Campbell's Pocomoke Swamp weekend, May 4-6 for Black Rail
Frank Windfelder's Pennypack Creek Park trip, May 12 for passerines
Andy Ednie's May 13 White Clay Creek trip, for passerines including Cerulean Warbler
Don Jones's Hawkins Road trip on May 20 where 10 breeding warbler species could be expected.
Alan Brady's has several spots left on his all night pelagic trip, May 25th where you can expect the highest concentration of non-breeders including loads of Shearwaters.

It seemed as though everyone in the audience had just been to Colorado searching for chickens. Adrian Binns, Don Jones and Art McMorris recounted their adventures, and Bill Hanley mentioned that things picked up at the leks when females showed up and Erica Brendel went bonkers over the sight of copulating Gunnison Sage Grouse!

Colin Campbell announced the following up coming programs -
May 17: Leo Joseph, "How DNA helps us to see what we don't see when we see birds: examples from cuckoos and flycatchers."
June 7: Pete Bacinski, "The Butterflies of New Jersey."
Informal meetings the first Thursday in July, August and September
Resuming meetings on Sept 20, with Sam Fried on "Belize"

There were no reports from Ornithological Studies, Checklist or Website

Don Jones announced that of the 4 male Prothonotary Warblers that he banded at Hawkins Road last year, 2 have returned. He has banded 5 more this year bringing the total to 7. More remarkable is that one of those that returned, he has been able to identify one individual through its song. Identical on the sonogram.

Local Notes:
Now retired Hart Rufe is resorting to cheap grass seed, to entice sparrows. To date it has feed Song, Chipping, Field and Swamp and keep the House Sparrows away!

Don Jones had a Red-headed Woodpecker and Yellow-throated Vireo's in the Pinelands.

At Carpenter Woods, Erica Brendel had Cerulean, Black-throated Green and Blue, Hooded, Yellow-rumped as well as a Gray-checked Thrush.

Jane Henderson noted that Hooded Warblers were in a Fort Washington State Park.

At the Rodin Museum, Sandy Sherman had, Catbird, Thrasher and Hooded. There was also a Hooded singing at Tinicum.

It must be the year of the Hooded as Frank Windfelder had one at Palmyra.

Andy Ednie noted a Swallow-tailed Kite was reported south of Dover and Sandy Sherman noted that there was one seen over Cape May.

Breaking the monotony Alan Brady was enthralled with the fish ladder that was viewable at the junction of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers, in Easton.

Fred Crown reported loads of Yellow Warblers, 2 Brown Thrashers and numerous Baltimore Orioles at Palmyra, last Saturday.

Al Bilheimer saw the Black-backed Woodpecker at PEEC.

Andy Ednie did a 24 hr Delaware big day in April in which he got 168 species including 18 warblers. Highlights included Sedge Wren and Yellow Rail.

Bob Mercer noted Great Egrets at Silver Lake and a Winter Wren at Haycock Mt.

Sandy Sherman told us that for its size, the Winter Wren is 10 times as loud as a Rooster.

Paul Driver's backyard in Elkins Park had a Wood Thrush, and at Palmyra he had Sora and in the Pennypack Watershed, Tennessee Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush and Winter Wren.

Birding Tinicum Sandy Sherman had a Blackpoll Warbler. Andy Ednie noted that they were reported on the 26th in Delaware, 3 days earlier than previously.

Chuck Hetzel reported a Cedar Waxwing flycatching termites.

Nate Rice's program on his recent journey to Guyana, recounted his efforts of recording and collecting specimens in the Acari Mountains.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns

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