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Minutes of the DVOC for October 18th, 2001

The meeting was called to order by President Ron French.
30 members and 6 guests were present. The minutes of the October 4th meeting were read and approved.

Nominations: Barbara McGlaughlin (Ron French & Ceil Deemer) and Nancy Bilheimer's (Don Jones & Bob Mercer) nomination for membership were approved.

Committee Reports:

Archives: Katrina Knight reported that 30 years of DVOC minutes should be bound next week.

Cassinia: Sandy Sherman thanks all those that helped contribute to Cassinia including Jane Henderson and Clay Sutton and Photo Editor Steve Kerr.

Nominating Committee: Hart Rufe is looking for candidates for the upcoming election.
Positions to be filled include Secretary and 2 council positions.

Field Trips: The next trip is to Bake Oven Knob with Frank Windfelder on Sat Nov 3. Frank Windfelder's Sharp-tailed Sparrow trip to Tuckerton Marsh was a success, recording all races of Nelson's as well as Salt Marsh. 5 Brown Pelican were a first for this trip. Brigantine produced an American Bittern.

Programs: Colin Campbell announced the upcoming schedule:

Nov 1 - The annual Member's Slide Night - birds, birders, landscape and flora
Nov 15 - The annual Banquet featuring guest speaker Bill Murphy, author of
"A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad & Tobago"
Dec 6 - Doug Tallamy: "Alien plants: yet another reason to worry"
Dec 20 - Memorable Moments in Birding

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel had applied for a conservation study grant to study the bird kills at area towers. He needs help to survey the kills early in the mornings before predators make a clean sweep of the evidence.

Website: Emmerson Bowes announced that the Banquet information and Bob Sehl's obituary were on the website.

There were no reports from Larus and Conservation

Ron French announced that the Academy of Natural Sciences new cabinet program was about $60,000 short of their goal. The collection of specimens, that includes birds prepared by Audubon and Lewis & Clarke, is amongst the finest in the world, and also includes 20,000 specimens donated by the DVOC.

Ron also announced that donations were being sought by the Wildlife Information Center for a hawk-watching center, similar to Hawk Mountains, at the base of Bake Oven Knob, and $82,000 had been raised to date.

Ron also asked that members get their registration forms in for the banquet, being held at Williamson's this year. Additional noticed were sent out through Frank Windfelders hotline and the website.

Ron announced that past president and trustee Bob Sehl passed away. A club member since 1939, Bob was warmly remembered by Frank Windfelder, Alan Brady, John Stewart, Roy Frock and Chris Walters who reminded all that Bob instituted the life membership policy which enabled the club to invest the money as an endowment.

Colin Campbell notified all present, that the birders breakfast stop north of Smyrna known as "Helen's Sausage House" is being touted in this months Gourmet Magazine as one of the 100 best restaurants in the world!

In order to pay for a meal at Helen's, Colin is selling a copy of Mike Mockler's "Birders: A Tale of the Tribe" for $25.

Mike O'Brien's bluebird results are in! At Cedar Run a pair raised two broods, one in May containing a single albino or whitebird and two more in July. Purple Martins at Brigantine fledged 155 from 163 eggs, all but 15 were banded, and at Batstow, 25 fledged but at least 75 were on the menu for a Red-tail Hawk. Why was the Batstow Purple Martin House left off Gourmet Magazines top 100 list?

Local Notes:
Ron French had 100's of Yellow-rumped Warblers, 3 Hermit Thrush both kinglets and loads of Purple Finches at home in Chalfont.

Roy Frock noted that Braddock Bay on Lake Erie in New York, banded 758 Black-capped Chickadees in one day. He reminded all to keep an eye out for Boreal species.

At Cape May Point over the weekend, Alan Brady had 17 Parasitic Jaegers including a Peregrine being chased one several jaegers, as it tried to cross the bay. Over 60 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were at Peace Valley.

Colin Campbell was rariety hunting in Delaware without any luck, but did see loads of winter species as well as 3 nuthatch species.

Adrian Binns witnessed the River of Raptors in Veracruz, Mexico when a mixed group of Turkey Vultures, Swainson and Broadwing Hawks numbering over 120,000 were seen within an hour and a half. 31 species of raptor, 3 vultures and 6 owls were recorded amongst the 350 species seen over the 10-day trip.

Colin Campbell introduced Daphne Gemmill who spoke on the Conservation Challenges that face the island of Madagascar.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns

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