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Minutes of the DVOC for October 4th, 2001

The first meeting of the new year was called to order by President Ron French.
46 members and 3 guests were present.

Committee Reports:

Archives: Katrina Knight reported that 30 years of DVOC minutes were almost ready to be sent to the bindery
Larus: No report
Cassinia: Members should have received their issues by now. Kudos were offered to editor
Sandy Sherman for an excellent job.
Conservation: Jan Gordon reminded members that good birders are needed to help census the bird population on about 100 acres of grasslands being created at the Baxter Tract in Torresdale. See Jan, Doris McGovern or Chuck Hetzel if you are able to help.
Nominating Committee: Hart Rufe is looking for candidates for the upcoming election.
Positions to be filled include Secretary and 2 council positions.
Field Trips: Frank Windfelter has directions for his Salt-marsh Sparrow trip to Tuckerton
Marsh meeting at 7:30AM on 10/13 and ending up at Brigantine.
Programs: Colin Campbell announced the upcoming schedule:
10/18/01 - Daphne Gemmill on "Madagascar - A Conservation Challenge"
11/1/01 - will be the Annual Member's Slide Night
11/15/01 will be the annual Banquet featuring guest speaker Bill Murphy, author of
"A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad & Tobago"
Website: Emmerson Bowes announced that the DVOC website is currently up-to-date

Ornithological Studies:
Chuck Hetzel spoke about the Roxborough Reservoir restoration project and also announced that the Kentucky Warbler habitat restoration project at the Schuylkil Center has currently fenced in about 3 acres with plans to increase the area to 10 acres.

Chuck also announced plans for a website on ornithological studies and asked members to contribute information about any projects they might be working on.

Doris McGovern spoke of her project with Don Jones to attempt to ID individual voices among the Prothonotary Warbler population currently nesting at Hawkins Road. Using color banding, sound recordings and sonograms it may be possible to ID individuals based on their vocalizations. It may also be possible to recognize returning individuals and document any changes that have occurred in their songs.

Ron French announced that the Bucks Co. Conservation District will be having a Conference at DelVal College on 11/3 on the Canada Goose problem in Bucks Co..
There are lots of errors in their presentation especially in their estimate of non-migratory totals so this may be a good time to help them get their info straight.

Nancy Bilheimer and Barbara McGlaughlin were nominated for membership in the club. Voting will take place at the next meeting

Birding Notes:
Joanne Raine was able to find 2 Connecticut Warblers with the help of Ron French.

Jane Henderson reported thousands of Chimney Swifts at the Dodson School on Umbria Street in Roxborough.

Jan Gordon had a Cooper's Hawk over her driveway.

Alan Brady had a Red-breasted Nuthatch aboard the Miss Barnegate Light, 80 miles out to sea on 10/3

Ron French announced that Bob Ridgeley would be leaving the Academy of Natural Sciences to take a job with National Audubon in Bucks Co. He also announced that dues for the club would be increased starting next year: new dues will be $25 per year or $375 (payable over 3 installments) for a Lifetime Membership. Anyone who signs up for a Life Membership before 12/31/01 can still get in for the old price.

Colin Campbell then introduced club member Frank Windfelter who presented a truly unforgettable Powerpoint presentation on the Western Willet.

Respectfully submitted:

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