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DVOC Minutes for April 3, 2003

A crowd of 52, including 13 guests, was gaveled to order by President Colin Campbell.

Minutes of the prior meeting were read and approved.

Alice Severeid, Eric Pilotte, and Mike Ferguson were elected to membership.

Cliff Hence, current President of Wyncote Audubon, was recommended for membership.


Jan Gordon, for the Conservation Committee, announced that for homeland security reasons East Park Reservoir is currently closed.

Jane Henderson announced a new issue of Larus is being mailed out to all members.

Anita Guris, for the Membership Committee, announced that both DVOC decals and World Series of Birding pledge cards have gone out in today's Larus mailing.

Field Trips:

The next three field trips are:

April 27 - trip to the heronry at Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River. This trip is the "Three Forts trip" led by Colin Campbell.

May 2-3-4 - Colin again leads us, this time for three days on his annual Pokomoke trip to Bombay Hook, the Maryland borderlands, and Pokomoke Swamp.

May 4 - Bill Murphy will lead us on a tour of Fort Washington State Park.


April 17 - Bob Curry from Villanova University will give us the true facts on the "great enigma": hybridization between Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees.

May 1 - Paul Kerlinger, former head of Cape May Bird Observatory, will educate us on the surprising effect on bird life of America's use of wind power and wind turbines.

May 15 - Amir Balaban will take us to Israel and tell us all about the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.

Local Notes:

Roy Frock reported on the death of a Red-tailed Hawk near Hawk Mountain, noting that the bird was banded twenty-two years before.

Ron French reported on his April 1 trip to Delaware. He had Monk Parakeets at Silver Lake, Common Eider at Cape Henolopen, Eurasian Wigeon at Ted Harvey, and White Pelican at Port Mahon.

Emmerson Bowes reported Barred Owls in East Amwell Township, NJ.

Mike Ferguson, a just-elected member, went to Tinicum and reported Bald Eagle, Osprey, Bonaparte's Gulls, bobolinks overhead, and Pine Warblers.

Doris McGovern reported Dennis Brennan seeing an interesting behavior at Tinicum: a Great Black-backed Gull having a Flicker in its mouth.


David Brinker of Maryland Ornithological Society gave an informative and well-illustrated program on his current research on the recovery of Northern Goshawks in the Central Appalachian Mountains. A number of questions followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Walters


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