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Minutes of the DVOC for February 20, 2003

39 attendees, including 5 guests, were called to order by President Colin Campbell.

Nominating letters were read for two of the guests seeking membership, Connie Goldman and Harry Hox.


Jan Gordon reported that major progress has been made by the City and the National Audubon Society to protect the East Park Reservoir area in Philadelphia. This could become a major urban wildlife area.

Anita Guris reported on new initiatives from her Membership Committee, including nametags, and plans to streamline the Club's membership admission procedures.

Emmerson Bowes reported that DVOC's website now carries not only past field trip reports, but also summaries of our ornithological studies presentations.


March 6 - the Pribilofs, George Armistead presenting.

March 20 - the "Uncommon Crow," Kevin McGowan of Cornell's World Series of Birding team is speaking.

April 3 - the Northern Goshawk, with David Brinker giving us the story of the goshawk's comeback in eastern forests, including the NJ Pine Barrens.


The March 15 Pelagic out of Lewis, Delaware is filled.

On April 26, a spring Pelagic will be run out of Belmar, NJ. See Paul Guris for details.

Ornithological Studies

Do Avocets swim, like Phalaropes do? What else does the webbing on their feet tell us? Adrian Binns wrestled with us on these interesting questions in a short study on Avocets and Phalaropes.

Local Notes

Ten Greater White-fronted Geese, believed of the Greenland race, were seen by Emmerson Bowes and others in East Amwell, Hunterdon County, NJ.

At Pennypack Trust's 50 acres of grasslands, Paul Driver had 3 Short-eared Owls and 2 Harriers on a recent visit, while others report 2 Red-shouldered Hawks there.

Erica Brendel had two Screech Owls together at Carpenter's Woods on February 14.

Chris Walters reported that the Peace Valley, Bucks County Long-eared Owls (at least 4) continued as of February 9.

Alan Brady had 2 Phalaropes (probably Red) at Cape May's Concrete Ship last weekend. Woodcock and Fox Sparrows are also much in evidence around Cape May. A Black-headed Gull was seen by Alan off St. Mary's at Cape May Point, while the Long-billed Curlew continues behind Wildwood.

Further afield, Bert Filemyr reported on a President's Day Weekend trip to Ontario, including Amherst Island and Algonquin Park. Highlights were White-winged Crossbills, Black-backed Woodpecker, Snowy Owls, Gray Partridges, and Trumpeter Swans.


Rob Blye delivered a thorough program on Pennsylvania Audubon's Important Bird Area project. He explained the importance of clubs like DVOC adopting one of the 78 current IBAs. IBAs near us are Tinicum Refuge (John Heinz NWR), Ridley Creek and French Creek State Parks.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters


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