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DVOC Minutes for May 15, 2003

Vice President Adrian Binns gaveled to order an adoring crowd of 42 members and 5 guests, come to celebrate DVOC's smashing victory in the NJ World Series of Birding. The crowd was restrained long enough to allow approval of the prior meeting's minutes, as read.

Past President Sandy Sherman then introduced three of the victorious DVOC/Nikon team members (Guris, Binns, and Mellon) and re-presented them with the WSB Trophy. Adrian, Paul, and Rick then let slip a few of the secrets of their amazing May 10 run of 231 bird species, an all-time record.

For Membership Anita Guris announced Mick Jeitner and Bill Lee as new candidates for membership.

Jan Gordon encouraged all to keep pledging - and paying their pledges - in support of our WSB team. Pledges already exceed $2,200.00.

Field Trips:
On Bill Murphy's June 4 trip to Fort Washington State Park, the 11 participants had 18 species of warbler. Upcoming May trips to Carpenter's Woods, to Hawkins Road, and to Pennypack Trust were all discussed, as well as the June 7-8 overnight trip to Sussex County.

The June 5 meeting will feature a review of May Big Day highlights - or lowlights. After informal summer meetings, the first fall meeting with a speaker will be September 18.

Silver Lake Nature Center, and Bob Mercer, are seeking volunteers for a study of West Nile virus in birds.
Paul Guris announced some space available on his June 7 pelagic out of Lewes, Delaware.

Local Notes:
A pair of Peregrines can be seen this season from the Arrow Island Overlook off PA Rt. 611, at the Delaware Water Gap. Roy Frock says Ravens are also nesting nearby.
Over the last week, Ron French had 2 Little Blue Herons and 6 species of sandpipers at Bradford Dam in Bucks County, plus Mourning Warbler and Philadelphia Vireo at his property on Limekiln Pike.
Anita Guris also had a Mourning Warbler, at her home feeders near Green Lane, PA.
Don Jones and party saw Olive-sided Flycatcher last weekend at the US Steel property in Southern Bucks County.
Gene Gladston reported Mourning Warbler, Gray-cheeked Thrush, and Acadian Flycatchers this week at Bowman's Hill, PA.
Steve Schnur observed fascinating opportunistic nesting behavior in Tufted Titmice. Steve saw a bird gathering fur for nesting material from the back of a ground-hog! The ground-hog seemed not to mind the Titmouse removing some of its fur. Roy Frock added that Titmice also remove the fur of Racoons in the same way.

Featured Program:
Amir Balaban, from Israel, delivered a program on the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, which he co-founded in 1994. Amir focused on how people interact with wildlife and ways to engage kids in an interest in birds.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters


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