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Minutes of the DVOC
November 6, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:34pm by club president Paul Guris. 45 members and 2 guests were present. The minutes of the October 16th meeting were read and accepted.
Guests: Edie Parnum introduced friend and fellow birder Donna Wilhelm. Keith Russel introduced wildlife biologist Flavia Rutkosky.

Membership: Chair Connie Goldman announced member applicant Bill Creekmore – no bio was submitted with his application. Connie will contact him for some information.
Conservation: Chair Debbie Beer gave an update of Scott Weidensaul’s saw-whet owl banding activities at Hidden Valley, PA. To date, 5 owls now are outfitted with radio transmitters for tracking their flight patterns.
Debbie commented that following our country’s recent national election, the outlook for conservation causes seems hopeful.
Field Trips: Frank Windfelder reported on the November 2nd trip to Bake Oven Knob for hawk watching. The group viewed a good variety of birds, with 13 species of raptors. This included Golden Eagle, Goshawk and a late season Osprey. A group of at least 30 ravens was also remarkable.
Chair Adrian Binns announced future field trips, including the fact that next year’s trip schedule promises an even greater number of trips, with some new trips planned. Our next trips will be:
November 8, 2008 – Adrian Binns will lead our annual trip to the Saw-whet Owl banding station at Hidden Valley. Meet at the banding station at 6:30pm. A limited number can attend; the trip is full, with a wait list. Contact Adrian to put your name on the list.
November 22, 2008 – Sandra Keller will lead a club trip to Brigantine, with flight ID a focus. This trip will start later; meet at the refuge at 11:30am.
Friday, November 28, 2008 – the day after Thanksgiving, Bob Horton will lead a trip to Raccoon Ridge for hawk watching. If you find yourself with the day free and want to burn off turkey and pumpkin pie while bird watching, meet at the Blairstown Diner at 8:30am. This location has good potential for late season raptor migrants including Golden Eagle, Goshawk and others. See details on the website and contact Bob Horton if you plan to come.
Programs: Vice President Frank Windfelder announced our upcoming club programs:
November 20th, 2008 – at our annual banquet, Clay and Pat Sutton will present “Birds and Birding in Cape May.”
December 4th, 2008 – Scott Weidensaul will present a program on his recent publication “Of a Feather.”
December 18th, 2008 – in lieu of a formal program, this will be our club’s Photo Contest night! Submit your digital photos to Frank Windfelder by December 10th. There will be prizes in 4 categories, Birds, Natural History (other than birds), Scenery, Birders.
Publications: Paul Guris announced that articles are being solicited for the next issue of Larus. E-mail submission ideas to Jason Loghry, editor, (living in South Korea) or contact Paul Guris.
Banquet: Bernice Koplin announced the upcoming banquet. There is still time to buy tickets and attend. One new feature is that a door prize, which will include a $25.00 gift certificate for Nikon Gear, will be awarded.

Announcements: Bert Filemyr announced that changes in personal contact information are needed for the next edition of the club member directory. Check your information on the sheets circulating with the attendance sheet at the meeting.
Paul Guris announced winter pelagic trips with SeaLife Paulagics – Dec. 7th out of Bellmawr, NJ and December 13th out of Lewes, DE. Contact Paul, Anita or their website for info.
Bill Stocku, long-time club member living in Arizona, is recovering from colon cancer. Bill is a former member of DVOC’s World Series of Birding Team and has seen 800 species in the ABA area. He often hosts DVOC members who travel to SE Arizona for birding.
Al Kronschnable, club member for many years, is now approaching 80 years old and has been struggling with health issues. He is currently receiving Nursing Home care and would welcome contact from any club members. Phone #215-673-3620

Local Notes:
Jeff Holt, on the previous Saturday, saw a 1st year Goshawk in West Deptford, NJ
Anita Guris, on October 19th saw the Brandywine Creek Harris’ Sparrow – this was species #699 on her ABA life list!
Vincent Nichnadowicz, 2 Saturdays previous, watched a Merlin eating a shorebird; on the previous Friday, saw a Coopers Hawk kill a squirrel in the Princeton Junction area.
Connie Goldman mentioned the known phenomenon of Lesser Black-backed Gulls coming to areas of Bucks County this time of year over recent years – today, at least 80 of the species were roosting in a school field on Upper Holland Road.
Frank Windfelder saw a single Lesser Black-backed Gull in Philadelphia this morning near Rhawn Street; at Benjamin Rush State Park, a Dickcissel was seen the previous Friday. This park held numerous species this Fall including Savannahs, Vespers and Grasshopper Sparrows. Frank plans to send a letter to advocate for conservation of bird habitat there.
Paul Guris mentioned the unknown nesting location of Lesser Black-backed Gulls that appear in our area, and encouraged birders to look for bands on any of these birds seen. There is active banding of LBBG’s in Iceland.

Main Program: Member, trip leader, former club president and photographer Adrian Binns, presented “Watching East Africa’s Unique Wildlife.” Wonderfully kaleidoscopic with colors and scenes of Africa, the presentation focused on some of the 14 endemic bird species of this part of the world. Adrian’s photographs of the birds and other wildlife of the area are nothing less than stunning. Interesting factual information provided us a slice of the fantastic nature of East Africa; and Adrian’s characteristic touch of humor only added to his greatly entertaining program.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at about 9:40pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Connie Goldman, acting Secretary for Art McMorris