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Members Who Joined 1890 - 1899

This list has been created from information in the Abstracts of Proceedings and in Cassinia. It is as accurate as possible but there probably are some ommisions. If anyone has information to make this list more accurate please contact the webmaster.

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Baily, William L. (Founder)
Morris, George Spencer (Founder)
Pannepacker, D. Elmer
Reed, J. Harris (Founder)
Rhoads, Charles J.
Rhoads, Samuel N. (Founder)
Stone, Witmer, Sc. D. (Founder)
Trotter, Spencer, M.D. (Founder)
Voelker, Charles A. (Founder)

Brown, John Farnum
Brown, Stewardson
Burns, Frank L
DeHaven, Isaac Norris
Dewees, Thomas
Forsythe, George
Hughes, MD., William E.
Montgomery, Thomas H., Jr.
Ridenour, Charles E.
Rotzell, W. E., M.D.
Serrill, William J.
Sheppard, Edwin
Shryock, William A.
Smith, William W.
Weygandt, Cornelius, Ph.D.
Wilbank, William V.

Bisseger, John J.
Crawford, Joseph D.
Kester, Raymond
McCadden, David N.
Seiss, C. Few
Sheridan, George H.
Tatum, Joseph W.
Wilde, Mark L. C.
Wright, Samuel
Young, Robert T., Ph.D.

Justice, William W., Jr
Rodgers, William
Scheuing, William B.
Whitaker, William L.

Fellows, A. P.
Fowler, Henry W.
Fox, Henry
Pennell, Howard Y., M.D.
Reese, John H.
Stokes, Frances J.

Beans, Thomas J.
Buller, W. H.
Chapman, William E.
Clark, Frederick
Cope, Frances R., Jr.
Detwiler, John W., M.D.
Githens, Alfred Morton
Graham, Harry L.
Hales, Henry
Hoopes, Josiah
Jackson, Thomas H.
Jacobs, J. Warren
Koch, August
Ladd, Samuel B.
Patterson, William
Pennock, Charles J.
Phillips, Alexander Hamilton
Raub, M. W., M.D.
Roddy, H. Justin
Stone, Hugh E.
Todd, W. E. Clyde

Coxe, Edmund J. D.
Freedman, Samuel M.
Hammersley, Thomas L.
Meyers, F. Guy
Warrington, Henry
Whitaker, Albert L.

Behr, Herman
Behr, Otto
Coggins, Herbert L.
Emlen, Arthur Cope
Evans, J. Wistar
Hutchinson, J. B.
Moon, J. R.
Moore, Gilbert H.
Moore, Robert T.

Bush, Walter D.
Eastman, Frank B.
Evans, William Bacon
Fisher, Henry B.
Gray, Russell
Kite, Nathan
Robinson, Anthony W.
Satterthwait, Alfred F.
Scull, A. Stewart
Smith, Walter Gordon

Carpenter, William D.
Cresson, George B.
Cresson, William J.
Evans, Ernest M.
Maires, Walter W. , M.D.
Palmer, Samuel C., Ph.D.
Prendergast, James F., M.D.
Rehn, James A. G.
Strang, William M.
Trotter, William H.