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Members Who Joined 1900 - 1909

This list has been created from information in Cassinia. It is as accurate as possible but there probably are some ommisions. If anyone has information to make this list more accurate please contact the webmaster.

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Baker, Charles H.
Buvinger, M. D., Charles W.
Carter, John D.
Grosh, Allen H.
Hand, H. Walker
Lodge, Joseph B.
Miller, Waldron De W.
Reinick, William R.
Sibley, Walter G.
Sorenson, Frederick
Surface, H. A.
Welles, Charles S.
Woodhouse, M.D., Samuel W.

Farr, Marcus F.
Haines, M.D., Samuel S.
Hannum, William E.
McCormick, H. E.
Roberts, William E.
Silvester, C. F.
Smith, Jr., Louis Irvine
Spaeth, Reynold A.
Stanton, James L.
Werner, William H.

Griffiths, Bartram W.
Hunt, Chreswell J.
Keim, Thomas D.
Owen, Frederick N.
Passmore, Norman H.
Selliez, Edward A.
Way, Asa P.
Woolman, Edward W.

Austin, M. D., J. Harold
Hackenberg, John H.
Onderdonk, Elmer
Steele, John H.
Street, J. Fletcher
White, Walter R.

Chamberlin, John E.
Cole, Sterling W.
Eaton, Frank A.
Harlow, Richard C.
Holmes, LaRue K.
Howie, Kenneth
Lorrillierre, Paul L.
McMurtrie, Richard C.
Peck, Clark J.
Tyler, Bruce P.
Whitaker, James L.
Wisler, J. Jay

Harrower, David E.
Johns, William
Linton, M. Albert
Morrell, Wayne B.
Rogers, Charles H.
Stack, Frederick W.
Vosberg, Paul S.
Wheeler, Ph. D., A. L.

Brewer, Paul C.
Butler, Ernest A.
Hagar, Arthur F.
Jack, D.D.S., Charles S.
McFarlane, Duncan
Roberts, George C.
Sharples, Robert P.
Swayne, Norman W.
Tucker, M.D., Henry

Miller, Isaac P.
Rawle, Francis W.
Scoville, Jr., Samuel C.
Simpson, R. B.
Strang, William H.

Abbott, Jr., George
Bartram, Edwin B.
Essick, William S.
Hill, Thomas R.
Miller, Richard F.
Pearson, Leonard S.
Redfield, Alfred C.

Byrom, Lewis S.
Corts, Ernest
Ehinger, M.D., C. E.
Marx, Edward J. F.
Tomlin, D.D.S., Francis H.