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Members Who Joined 1950 - 1959

This list has been created from information in Cassinia. It is as accurate as possible but there probably are some ommisions. If anyone has information to make this list more accurate please contact the webmaster.

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Bancroft, Charles W. H.
Broun, Dr. Maurice
Cobb, Augustus S.
DeHaven, W. Marshall
Emerson, Mark F.
Kinsley, Samuel E.
Lucke, Dr. Baldwin
MacMurtrie, Dr. William J., Jr.
Oakley, Bruce
Quickmire, J. Stanley
Roberts, William H., Jr.
Sargent, Hugh A.
Thomas, Lester S.

Baldwin, Trusten M.
Borst, George H.
Byers, Thomas J.
Devlin, Joseph M.
Ford, Charles E.
Miller, John C.
Pancoast, Charles E., 3rd
Peniston, Howell
Randolph, Evan
Wyckoff, Nathaniel C.

Ambs, Robert
Brady, Alan
Clark, George R.
Cranmer, Floyd L., Jr.
Evans, Joseph J.
Foster, John H.
Goff, Leon E.
Harrison, Hal
Hitchner, George J.
Jenkins, Allston
Moore, Dr. John Royal
Mulligan, Samuel J.
Murphy, Edgar G.
Nicklas, George F.
Shechtman, Leon
Van Sant, Fred, Jr.

Bailey, William J.
Cleary, Walter B.
Enssler, Harry T.
Farrand, Homer F.
Hurst, Jay B., Jr.
Ingersoll, George F.
Ithell, William, Jr.
McCoy, Paul F.
McGonigal, Paul J.
Sterner, Dr. Lewis G.
Van Meter, Louis W.
Way, Asa P.

Bergey, Arthur H.
Bodley, Harry P.
Felix, Joseph N.
Frazier, Frank P., Jr.
Gibson, Dr. Edgar T.
O'Connell, Maurice W.Jr.
Poole, Frederick P.
Saxon, Harold J.
Wright, J. Kenneth
Zimmerman, Robert A.

Brooke, Raymond J., Jr.
Corbett, Kenneth B.
Cotton, Robert R.
Jones, Harry G.
Lampe, Montgomery L.
Nixon, William
Spencer, Lewis C.
Wykoff, Jack N.

Brodey, Dr. Robert F.
Carter, Charles W.
Craig, Charles W.
Forman, Richard T. T.
Hughes, Stuart
Kronschnabel, Alfred J.
McCarthy, Ronald J.
Miller, E. Matthew
O'Brien, Paul J.
Robinson, Robert M.
Sanville, Dale
Stein, Dr. Robert C.
Wilson, Ralph

Abramson, Joel
Bailey, Elliott L.
Harty, Stephen T.
Higgins, Edmund F.
Mason, Rev. T. Norman
Michener, Martin C.
Sawyer, John
Wright, Richard T.

Dempster, Dr. Rulon T.
Lamb, George R.
Mears, Fred K.
Widing, Theodore
Wing, Stephen R.

Armistead, Henry T.
Bloom, Samuel
Carter, Frank M.
Cresson, Dr. Samuel
Davis, A. Lloyd
Davis, Peter
Fowler, Russell S.
Hetzel, Charles A.
Loveland, Robert
Northwood, J. d'Arcy
Oeste, Jerome I.
Ross, R. Dudley
Verner, Scott H.
Weinstein, Gerald