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Members Who Joined 1970 - 1979

This list has been created from information in Cassinia. It is as accurate as possible but there probably are some ommisions. If anyone has information to make this list more accurate please contact the webmaster.

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Brokaw, William A.
Holm, J. Spencer
Kirchhoffer, Donald
Levin, Dr. Michael H.
Morrison, Maxey
Richards, Dr. Keith
Scheibner, Robert J.
Wayne, Winston J.
Wines, E. Irving

Abramson, Dr. I. Joel
Conway, Charles A.
Dumont, Paul G.
Franzen, Harry
Glendinning, Robert, II
Grantham, Jesse
LaVia, Dr. John T.
Schaeffer, Frederick S.
Shapiro, Arthur M.
Tracy, J. C.
Walker, Robert
Webster, H. C.
Wylie, Stephen R.

Akers, Ellis M.
Fitzpatrick, Dr. F. P.
Martin, Luke
Neumann, Frank
Pilch, Paul F.
Putman, Dr. Steven H.
Tischner, Kenneth

Akers, James
Beach, Paul S.
Caracino, Christopher V.
Danzenbaker, John D.
Greene, George S., Jr.
Harski, Stephen
Johnson, Oliver S.
Levantin, Allen M.
Pulcinella, Nicholas J.
Reeves, Thomas A.
Russell, Keith
Tucker, William T.
Webb, Donald
Wright, Minturn T., III

Bagshaw, Clyde
Bell, Richard C.
Freilich, Jerome E.
Hornbeck, John A.
Jackson, Harold S.
Kershner, Dr. William B.
Miller, Kenneth
Perry, Carl
Rawson, Arnold J.
Robinson, Press
Ross, Stephen J.
Stasz, James L.
Stevenson, H. Goodwin
Stolper, Michael
West, Howard L.

Boryszewski, Julian
Davis, Millard C.
Doughty, Wesley
Engerth, Edward
Free, Walter
Hill, Armas
Krauss, Gary
Levin, Andrew
Mechem, Crawford
Morton, Richard A., Jr.
Padalino, Jack
Padalino, John
Rickert, Jon
Sands, James
Seifert, Dr. George L.
Spear, Philip
Stieber, Chris
Walter, Richard D.
Williams, H. Carlton, Jr.

Boyd, Howard P.
Collins, Alva L.
Fowler, Whitson
Hoppin, Philip B.
Hyett, Dr. Marvin R.
Johnson, Edwin
Moscatello, Brian
Normand, John F.

Harris, Paul
Maines, Stewart R., Jr.
Mercer, Robert
Morris, Bernard
Orenstein, Robert
Reuther, Ronald T.
Rufe, W. Hart, III
Smith, Dr. Dwight G.
Sterrett, Timothy S.
Udell, Dr. Eugene
Williams, William A.
Yoder, D. Lee

Arnold, Fred C.
Evans, Thomas J.
Jennings, Stephen L.
Jones, Samuel G.
Mack, Andrew J.
Moon, David
Shelton, Larry C.
Stocku, William R.
Sutton, Clay C., Jr.
Walters, Christopher

Anderson, Robert H.
Dunne, Peter J.
Fingerhood, Edward D.
Hake, Theodore R.
Harding, Dr. John J.
Hay, Alexander
Keating, James
LaVia, Jay
LaVia, Vernon J.
Roberts, T. Doman