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Bonnie Witmer - Chairperson
Anita Guris
Connie Goldman

As of 5/20/16, the "traditional DVOC web pages" are longer being updated.

Visit the new DVOC website at


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The club enthusiastically welcomes new members – young people, beginners and anyone else who is genuinely interested in birding. Members benefit from the wealth of information and expertise that this club offers. The bi-annual club journal, Cassinia, is provided to members.

DVOC is the organization for birders and bird enthusiasts in the Delaware Valley region. Please visit our current meeting/program and field trip schedule. Meetings are lively proceedings, with a featured speaker or a special forum as well as reports from the various committees, announcements, and general field notes. The club has an extensive program of field trips – local, regional, national, and international. All meetings, field trips, and other club activities are open to members and non-members.

Joining the DVOC is a simple process.

• Submit completed application to any member of the Club or mail it to:

Delaware Valley Ornithological Club
Membership Committee
c/o Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103

• After approval by Council, the new member will be welcomed to the Club.

Annual Membership

The Club's fiscal year and dues year run from January to January.

People joining January through March, pay the full dues for the year ($35).
People joining April through August, pay half dues for the year rounded to the highest dollar ($18), and are covered to the end of the year.
People joining September through December, pay the full dues ($35), and are covered to the end of following year.

Active Membership - Annual dues are $35.

Household Membership - To qualify, one person in the household shall be fully paid active, life, or honorary member in good standing. Any additional person residing at the same address, upon application and approval, shall become an active member of the DVOC for the sum of $15 per year. Each household shall receive only one copy of Cassinia or other similar publications.
People joining January through March pay the full dues for the year ($15). People joining April through August, payhalf dues for the remainder of the year ($8). People joining September through December pay the full dues ($15) and are covered to the end of the following year.)
Each household shall receive a single copy of Cassinia or other similar publications.

This motion is retroactive to the beginning of 2016. The Treasurer will contact those existing members who qualify to determine if they wish to receive credit, receive a refund, or to donate to the club the difference between what they paid for 2016 and the new rate.

Junior/Student Membership - Dues are $10 per year for this category. It is available to students at the college level or below.

Life Membership

The cost of a life membership is established as 15 times the annual dues rate. A life membership is currently $525. It can be paid as a single payment, or alternately, 3 yearly installments of $175.00. This is in place of annual dues.

Life membership dues are placed in the club endowment, thus generate income and support the club in perpetuity. Once a person becomes a life membership they no longer pay dues.


For further information contact the Membership Chairperson - Bonnie Witmer

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2016 Dues for Current Members

  • Current annual dues paying members
    • You will receive your dues invoice ($35) after January 1, 2016. Your delivery choice (USPS mail or e-mail) is based on your current preference. If you wish to change your preference please contact the Treasurer -
  • Life and Honorary Members
  • You can pay your dues online using PayPal or a credit card. See below!
    • $35 Annual Membership
    • $10 Student Membership
    • $175 Life Membership payment ($175 for each of three years)

    Contact the Treasurer if you have any questions -

DVOC Annual Dues for Current Members ($35)
People wishing to join DVOC need to go through the simple membership application procedure.

DVOC Life Membership Partial Payment ($175)


As you pay your dues, please consider donating to the DVOC Interns Fund, the Conservation Fund, New Bins for New Birders (NB4NB), The Witmer Stone Sanctuary Fund and/or the Youth Birding Committee. All such donations are 100% federal tax deductable.


Fellows and Honorary Members

List of Honorary Members and Fellows

(From the DVOC Constitution)
"Ornithologists who have attained special prominence in their ornithological work may be chosen at the annual meeting to be Honorary Members of the Club."

(From the DVOC Constitution)
"Fellows shall be chosen ......from among the Active Members of at least one year's standing as a recognition of the high quality of their ornithological work."

DVOC Main Page > Membership