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Updated Sunday, December 16, 2012
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Main Page Mastheads

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On the Main Page a visitor is presented with a random selection from a group of mastheads showing the range of activities and interests of DVOC members.

On this page is Set One. Click Here for set two.

Possible Main Page Graphics

Rufous Hummingbird by Ed Filemyr

White-eared Hummingbird by Colin Campbell

Red-necked Phalarope by Art McMorris

Scopes by Connie Goldman

Various species by Adrian Binns

Wood Ducks by Colin Campbell

Gulls by Wendy Lenhart

Burrowing Owls by Art McMorris

California Birders by Bert Filemyr

American Kestrel by Colin Campbell

Red-billed Tropicbird by Colin Campbell

Brewer's Blackbird by Karl Lukens

Whimbrel by Colin Campbell

Western Gull by Rob Hynson

Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow by Adrian Binns

Tuckerton Birders by Adrian Binns

Bald Eagle by Adrian Binns

Piney Tract birders by Bert Filemyr

Churchill birders by Bert Filemyr

New Mexico birders (2004 Field Trip) by Jayne Jones

Red Knot - by Colin Campbell

2004 World Series of Birding Team - Eric Pilotte, Paul Guris (Captain), Mike Fritz, Bert Filemyr, Adrian Binns - First place, 219 species
Picture by Anita Guris

2000 Palmyra Field Trip birders by Adrian Binns

Jamacia Bay birders by Adrian Binns

2006 Pennypack Field Trip birders by Bert Filemyr

Witmer Stone

Two Mile Landing, Cape May NJ by Bert Filemyr

Sandy Hook NJ by Bert Filemyr

"A Field Day on the Pensauken Creek" May 30, 1897 - Witmer Stone, Albert Whitaker, George Morris, William Whitaker, William Bailey

Watching a Snowy Owl (but not an Ivory Gull) at Piermont, NY by Bert Filemyr

Snow Geese at Middle Creek by Bert Filemyr

Nebraska Sandhill Cranes by Bert Filemyr

Morning Birders by Naomi Murphy

New Mexico Spring Birders by Naomi Murphy

July 2007 Tinicum Field Trip by Adrian Binns

White-faced Storm Petrel - by Colin Campbell

Red-necked Phalaropes - by Bert Filemyr

Pelagic Birders - by Bert Filemyr

Morning Flight at Higbees Beach WMA by Adrian Binns

October 2007 Tuckerton/Brigantine Field Trip by Adrian Binns

Tuckerton Marsh by Bert Filemyr

Alpha Grasslands by Bert Filemyr

Great Horned Owl wing by Bert Filemyr

Long-billed Murrelet watchers at Lake Nockamixon (PA) by Bert Filemyr

Winter birding by Bert Filemyr

Anahuac NWR by Bert Filemyr

Pied Stilts, Omaha Beach, NZ by Colin Campbell

Royal Penguins, Macquarie Island, Australia by Colin Campbell

Bounty Islands Shags, NZ by Colin Campbell

Northern Shrike by Bert Filemyr

Bananaquit by Hart Rufe

Snow Geese by Bert Filemyr

Detail from the original copper plate used by Robert Havell to produce John James Audubon's Birds of America Gyrfalcon Print (one of the treasures of the Academy of Natural Sciences's library) by Bert Filemyr

Marsh Birders by Steve Kacir

Curlew Sandpiper at Heislerville, NJ by Bert Filemyr

Shorebirds by Bert Filemyr

Snow Geese by Bert Filemyr

Ring-necked Duck by Bert Filemyr

Brown Pelican by Bert Filemyr

Burrowing Owl by Bert Filemyr

Surf Scoter by Bert Filemyr

1948 Annual Meeting from Cassinia Volume XXXVII

Spring Roundup May 15, 1941 - Herb Cutler, William Reynolds, Henry Goldstein, Dave Cutler, Bob Sehl, Ed Finkel

DVOC members at Patuxent, MD, January 12, 1947

Julian K. Potter from Cassina XLVII 1963

Brown Thrasher by Bert Filemyr

Marbled Godwit by Bert Filemyr

Western Grebe by Bert Filemyr

Clark's Grebes by Bert Filemyr

Rufous Hummingbird by Ed Filemyr

Carolina Parakeet collected by John James Audubon by Bert Filemyr. This specimen is in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Delaware Birders by Bert Filemyr.

Dennis Bert, Mike Lyman, Anna Bert by Steve Kacir

Cape May Birding by Bert Filemyr.

Broadwinged Hawk by Bert Filemyr.

Broadwinged Hawk by Bert Filemyr.

Maine Birding by Bert Filemyr.

Brown Booby by Bert Filemyr.

Blue-gray Tanager by Bert Filemyr.

Great-tailed Grackle by Bert Filemyr.

Broadwinged Hawk by Bert Filemyr.

Birders viewing Fork-tailed Flycatcher by Bert Filemyr

Shorebirds by Bert Filemyr

Scotland Birding by Bert Filemyr

1890 Field Notes of Samuel Nicholson Rhoads courtesy of the Historical Society of Haddonfield

Taken by W. L. Baily April 5, 1901 by the old brick mill on J. T. Glover's farm above Mt. Ephraim pond (NJ). From the left - William B. Evans, Frederick Sorensen, Witmer Stone, William L. Baily, Samuel Nicholson Rhoads. Courtesy of the Historical Society of Haddonfield

Samuel Nicholson Rhoads in 1908.. Courtesy of the Historical Society of Haddonfield