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Colin Campbell -

Colin Campbell

I arrived in the US in April 1988 from the UK and in that same month I attended my first DVOC meeting and went on my first field trip with the Club the very next day - the Pocomoke weekend. It was a nightmare. Fortunately the good folks on the trip prevented me from getting lost, starving,
freezing and dying, all of which were very close to reality. Read my obituary for details. And, I guess, why I've led this same weekend the last decade or so. Because, the birding was - and is - totally excellent.

Since the trauma of that initiation, I've learnt that the transition from the UK to America was actually easier than that from England to Scotland - certainly as regards the spoken language. I retired in 2003 and I've forgotten what I used to do, but I'm grateful to whomsoever it was that
provided funds to enable me to bird globally with friends from the Club and from those across the Pond.

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