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Jeff Holt

Julian K. Potter Award Selection Chairperson
2005 Witmer Stone Award Winner
2009 Witmer Stone Award Winner
2014 Witmer Stone Award Winner
Fellow of the DVOC
Archives Chairperson

Co-author of The Composite Plates of Audubon's Birds of America

Jeff Holt My interest in birding grew out of my 20+ year rock and ice climbing career. Seeing a soaring raptor while perched on the edge of cliff face on frozen waterfall always thrilled me. Knowing my interest, a birding friend invited me to participate in an informal birding competition taking place in Gloucester County. As dawn broke that May morning, the first bird our experienced team leaders were able to get me on was a Hooded Warbler, singing lustily….I was hooked. The next day I bought binoculars and a field guide, and as my wife would say, have become obsessed. One of things I’ve become particularly interested in is the rich ornithological history the Delaware Valley can boast of.
I try to remember (but usually fail) - “It’s a fine line between hobby & insanity”.