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Sandra Keller

Life Member
Fellow of the DVOC
Youth Birding Committee

Sandra Keller

I currently live in south Jersey near Cherry Hill which happens to be centrally located for most of New Jersey from Cape May Point in the south to Clinton Rd. and the Pequennock Watershed in the north. I joined the DVOC in 2002.

I started birding at age 30 with a trip to Brigantine NWR to see the Snow Geese in Nov. of 1993. I was hooked. Two months later I had better binoculars, a scope, and a brand new down jacket for an Audubon Wildlife Society trip to Barneget to see the Harlequin Ducks. I haven't looked back! What started as an early mid-life crises look at the world and my life has blossomed into a hobby that now rules my life. I revolve work around birding. I have been traveling the world since age 7 and now have one more reason to travel - a quest to see a representative of all the bird families of the world. My main goal in the ABA area is a quest for 700 while enoying and learning about all the birds. In New Jersey, I have no number goals, just a desire to learn someting everytime I go out birding on habitats, distribution, id, etc and to have a fun day in the field.

I am an associate naturalist with NJ Audubon and enjoy leading field trips. I participate in the World Series of Birding every year raising money for conservation causes which I believe is of the utmost importance with all the development going on in NJ.


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