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Martin Selzer -

Martin Selzer

I began birding over 35 years. Some of my first birding memories date back to first and second grade when my aunt first took me to the Spring and Fall New Jersey Audubon Cape May Weekends. This was back when the mornings started around Lily Lake with coffee, juice and donuts set up on folding tables and no one knew who Pete Dunne was. Besides these trips, my aunt brought me along on many local Wyncote Audubon and Academy of Natural Sciences trips.

My first trip outside the mid-Atlantic region was a Northeast Birding Workshop to Corpus Christi, TX in the spring of 1979. This was my high school graduation present from my aunt. For some people it is a single bird or birding experience that hooks them on birds. For me, it was my aunt’s early influence on me. I would not have been bitten by the birding bug without this influence and her willingness to take me on all these trips.

Since then I have birded across North America, although I still need to get to Alaska. Recently, I have begun to explore Central and South America in earnest. Business travels have provided me the opportunity to bird in England and Australia adding a small flavor of the avian riches in those lands to my life list. Although I consider shorebirds and raptors my favorite species, it is really the spectacle of nature that I am finding more and more appealing. Be it the Sandhill Cranes along the Platte River in Nebraska, 1000s of Sooty and Black-vented Shearwaters in Monterey Bay or gulls along the Niagara River, these overwhelming wonders of nature are what I find so mystifying and appealing about birding.

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