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Supporting Youth Birding

The DVOC salutes the Upper Main Line YMCA teams in the 2004 World Series of Birding.

Division A (Grades 5 through 8)
Upper Main Line YMCA "U-Terns" 132 species - First Place

Division B (Grades 9 through 12)
Upper Main Line YMCA "Punk Rock Doves" 132 species - Sixth Place

Here a post event note from the teams to the DVOC

Paul [Guris] & Chris [Walters},

The kids, Sally, and I want to thank you guys for all the help and assistance DVOC gave our youth teams for what the kids are claiming as the greatest weekend of their lives. We owe you a lot of gratitude for originally tracking us down after last year's WSB and giving the kids many opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills at what they love doing.

What we're proud of the most is the parents have finally taken full notice to the passion these kids have for birding. And they are recognizing the educational aspects of what goes into birding. From reading maps to pouring through field guides, the parents say they've never seen the kids enthusiastically do so much "school-like" work.

The best part of this past weekend? After the banquet, the kids demanding that we go to Rea's Farm to track down the Kites. After 24 hours of birding, they only wanted more. Paul, the kids were very happy you took the time at the end of the banquet to have their picture taken with you. And I couldn't think of a more fitting end for the weekend than when the kids ran into Chris and Frank at Rea's. Chris, they were very excited to hear you say you had already heard about their success. Not only have you guys contributed to their success, you have also generated a fan club. Throughout the Big Day, the kids wondered aloud, "where do you think DVOC is right now?"

We look forward to any future trips and chats the kids can join in on with your crew. After our meeting tonight, the kids collectively said they are ready for another 24-hour run this weekend. 362 days left until next WSB? We will gather those questions and our list of hard to find species and begin sending those questions your way. Thanks again guys for all your help.

Brian, Sally, the U-Terns, and the Punk Rock Doves


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