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2006 World Series of Birding Scouting Notes

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Various other sources including CMBO and The NJ Bird List

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On this Page:
Northern NJ Locations and Reports
- in a general North to South order
Central NJ Locations and Reports- in an alphabetical order
Southern NJ Locations and Reports - in an alphabetical order

Important Note from Adrian Binns (Nikon/DVOC)

Thursday 5/4 PM I was stopped by the RAILROAD POLICE on High Hill Road/Prospect Railroad Tracks in Gloucester County (just north of Birch Creek) having checked out the marsh just east of Rte 130. He was dressed like a Police Office with a Railroad Policeman Badge and in a K9 Unit Police SUV. I was issued a warning and am now along with my car in their database should I be stopped again. I was told that NO-ONE IS ALLOWED ON RAILROADS in NJ - courtesy of Homeland Security and their paranoia. I explained what it was I was doing (as he thought my scope was a camera) and told him that this was a location that will be checked out by 100's of people in the coming days. He will no doubt be waiting. He was totally unaware of NJAS, the Big Day or World Series of Birding, raising $$$ for conservation.


• Northern New Jersey (Locations are in a general NORTH TO SOUTH order)

Great Swamp NWR (night) (Delorme Page 31 K17 and surrounding area)

Black Dirt Marsh (night)

Wantage Grasslands (Delorme Page 19 E24)
5/9 Vesper, Grasshopper, nd Savanah are all in place on the hill off Salley Harden Rd. White-crowneds in good at Beemer Rd. and other places. Multiple
Pheasants being heard. Grouse is at silo and started at 6:20 AM. Two Solitary Sandpipers
were up there too. Kestrel is there. (Guris/ Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

AT&T Tower (High Point S.P.) (Delorme Page 19 C20)
5/7 - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker across Rt. 23 (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Hairy Woodpecker at bottom of AT&T road (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Purple Finch (1 pair) at bottom of road and across Rt. 23 (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 No Raven or Purple Finch at AT&T tower this AM. (Guris/ Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Sawmill Lake Campground (High Point S.P.) (Delorme Page 19D19)
5/7 - Hairy Woodpecker at Site #23-T
5/7 - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker on outbound side of road (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker near Site #29 (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Common Raven (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - White-breasted Nuthatch at Site #29 (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Blue-headed Vireo at Site #29 (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Pileated Woodpecker at Site #45 (Upper Mainline YMCA)

Black Spruce Bog (High Point S.P. on Ridge Rd.)
5/7 - Ruffed Grouse (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - White-breasted Nuthatch (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Canada Warbler (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Northern Waterthrush (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Purple Finch, about 8 birds (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Grouse,multiple Purple Finches, N. W'thrush, and Canada Warbler. (Guris/Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Hemlock Grove / Cat Swamp (High Point S.P.)
*** Looks drier than usual this year!
5/7 - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Not flycatcher as previously posted) (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Least Flycatchers, 4-6 birds (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Brown Creeper, several (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Blue-headed Vireo (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Louisianna Waterthrush at stream (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)

Deckertown Marsh (High Point S.P.)

Steam Mill Campground (Stokes S.F.)
5/9 Least Flycatcher and Kingfisher. (Guris/Pilotte - NIkon/DVOC)

Ocquitunk Campground (Stokes S.F.)
5/7 - Pileated Woodpecker, near stone bridge (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Brown Creeper near bathrooms (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Red-breasted Nuthatch near bathrooms (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - White-breasted near bathrooms (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Golden-crowned Kinglet, spruces along Grau Rd. (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Hermit Thrush, not far past stone bridge (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Magnolia Warbler, 2 birds just past stone bridge (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Blacburnian Warbler just past stone bridge (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Black-throated Green Warbler just past stone bridge (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Black-throated Blue Warbler just past stone bridge (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Louisiana Waterthrush (2 birds) downstream and upstream of past stone bridge (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Northern Parula, prob. nest building (Upper Mainline YMCA)
5/8 - Pileated Woodpecker, near bathrooms (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Hairy Woodpecker, near bathrooms (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Red-breasted Nuthatch near Grau Rd. (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Golden-crowned Kinglet, spruces along Grau Rd. (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Hermit Thrush, halfway between stone bridge and school (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Magnolia Warbler (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Louisianna Waterthrush downstream of stone bridge (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Lincoln's Sparrow at stone bridge (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 - Red-breasted Nuthatch (Guris/Pilotte - NIkon/DVOC)

Culver's Lake (Delorme Page 18 K14)

Van Ness Rd. (Delorme Page 18 G9)
5/7 - Brown Thrasher on road in (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Yellow-breasted Chat on road in (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Golden-winged Warbler singing Blue-winged at the usual big tree (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Golden-winged Warbler singing Blue-winged at the usual big tree (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Hermit Thrush near Old Mine Rd. end (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Mettler & Van Auken Rds. (Delorme Page 18 H9)
5/7 - Northern Harrier, male at entrance to Mettler (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Yellow-billed Cuckoo at end of road (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - White-crowned Sparrow near entrance (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Red-breasted Nuthatch on Van Auken (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Magnolia Warbler near end of Van Auken (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Dingman's Bridge (Delorme Page 18 H9)

Ennis Rd. Pond
5/7 - Belted Kingfisher (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Green Heron, 2 birds (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Common Gallinule (Guris & Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - Ring-necked Pheasant (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Blewett Tract
5/7 - Red-breasted Nuthatch (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Pompey Rd.
5/7 - Green Heron, pond at end (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Belted Kingfisher, pond at end (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - NO Nashville found (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

D.O.T. Barn
5/6 - Pileated Woodpecker, across the road (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Common Raven, flying over (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Cliff Swallows, multiple on back side of barn (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Cliff Swallows, multiple on back side of barn (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Worm-eating Warbler, across the road (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Mountain Road (southern end)
5/6 - Worm-eating Warbler, near old Winter Wren spot (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Hooded Warbler, near old Winter Wren spot (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Flat Brook / Delaware River (Delorme Page 23 B16)
5/6 - Spotted Sandpiper (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Solitary Sandpiper (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Belted Kingfisher (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Least Flycatcher (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Warbler Vireo, multiple (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Millbrook Village (Delorme Page 23 C17)

Appalachian Trail Crossing (Delorme Page 23 D17)
5/6 - Ruffed Grouse (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Hooded Warbler (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Black-throated Blue Warbler (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Louisianna Waterthrush (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

Spring Valley Rd. / Cocka-doodle-doo Pond (Delorme Page 23 G18)
5/6 - Pied-billed Grebe from Municipal Building at west end (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Wood Duck at east end of main pond (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Wood Duck at east end of main pond (Upper Mainline YMCA)
5/7 - Green Heron at small pond in front of restaurant (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Cliff Swallow, barn at Spring Vallye Rd. & Rt. 521 (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Warbling Vireo at east end of main pond (Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Warbling Vireo at east end of main pond (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)

Jones Rd.

White Lake WMA (Delorme Page 23 G20)

Watergate Picnic Area
5/6 - Cedar Waxwing (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Orchard Oriole (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)

Kittatiny Lake
- Lesser Scaup (Guris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 - No Lesser Scaup today (Guris/Pilotte - Nikon/DVOC)

• Central New Jersey (Locations are in a general ALPHABETICAL order)

Alloway-Welchville Road Delorme Page 61 H18
On Alloway-Welchville Road between Delbow and CR653/Acton Station Road on north side, there was a possible Sandhill Crane. I say this because I caught a glimpse of a grey object at a distance driving by, and upon returning 5 minutes later it was not there (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Baptistown/Pittstown Rd (Delorme Page 35 G/H 17)
- Savannah Sparrow - (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Birch Creek Marsh (Delorme Page 53 J19)
3/23 - Green-winged Teal, Pintail, Ring-necked Duck (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
4/10 - Kinfgisher, both teal, PB Grebe Shoveler, Pintail, Ring-necked Duck (McMorris/Reamue - Four Loons)
4/14 - Kingfisher, Blue-winged Teal, Coot, Pied-billed Grebe, Green-winged Teal, Mute Swan(Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC) (Schreck - Leupold / Virginia)
4/29 - 14:30, Saturday afternoon. Route 130 where it crosses creek. Notables: One Pied-billed Grebe seen on n. side of marsh, hiding among lily pads; one American Coot on far eastern side of marsh.
Misc: FOTE (2); GREG (5); GBHE (3); RTHA (one, seemingly nesting nearby); RWBL, TRES, TUVU, MALL, CAGO.
Notes: Road noise intermittent; loud at times, quiet at other times. Sun should be no issue. Wind was about ten mph, and affected nothing. Well marked with “No Stopping or Standing” signs. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
4/30 - Solitary Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs, Forster's Tern, Orchard Oriole - singing in scrub/shrub habitat across street (Raicich - UMLY)
5/4 - 2 Moorhens, Glossy Ibis, Great Egret (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Moorhen & Coot. (Holt for Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Moorhen, Coot, Great Egret (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

5/7 - Moorhen, Coot, Great Egret, Great Blue Heron (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 Kingfisher, Mute Swan, several Canada Geese w/ young; no coots, grebes or moorhens. (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/8 Kingfisher & 2 Forster's Terns. NO Coot or Moorhens - checked it AM & PM (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 1 Coot (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 2 Coots (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 3 coots, moorhen, Kingfisher (Day - VSO)
5/10 1 male Blue-wing Teal, 1 Coot, 2 Moorhen, 1 PB Grebe, Kingfisher (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 Coot, Moorhen (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/11 2 Coot, 1 Moorhen (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Bridgeton: (Delorme Page 67 D28)
- Right type of city to have a nighthawk, but is far away at dark. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Chapter One Farms (ponds - off of Pedricktown-Woodstown Rd):
4/30 - Killdeer, Semipalmated Plover, Lesser Yellowlegs (Raicich - UMLY)

Compromise Road (Delorme Page 61 G19)
4/29 - Map 61: G-19. Habitat suggests HOLA and CAEG, though no livestock for the latter. This area might be worth skipping unless scouting or intel reveals something - (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
4/30 - Pond - Glossy Ibis, Black Vulture (Raicich - UMLY)
5/6 - near pond - several Cattle Egrets in with cattle near road (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

5/7 - near pond - cattle in back pasture, no Cattle Egrets found, plenty of Black Vultures. Further south on Compromise Road on the east side there was a field with several thousand gulls, Mostly Laughing but a coulple of Ring-bills and Herring Gull in the mix (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 9 Cattle Egret just as I turned off Rte 45 on the western end in the corner field along with cattle. They did not stay long and flew eastwards towards Swedes Bridge Road finally dropping down out of sight near the electrical pylons about half way to Swedes Bridge Road. I could not find a way into the area.
(Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 8 Cattle Egret in corner field just west of Swedes Bridge Road. Another 1 on Eastern end of Compromise just before Rte 45 (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 21 Cattle Egrets flying east, possible toward a distant field being plowed (Day - VSO)
5/11 2 Cattle Egret in corner field at Western end. Another 2 on Eastern end of Compromise just before Rte 45, later there were 12 there.
(Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Cowtown Rodeo - Delorme Page 61 D20)
- No Cattle Egrets in area, large Saturday flea market (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - No Cattle Egrets in area, (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 1 Cattle Egret (Cornell)

Delbow Road DeLorme Page 61 I18
5/9 At the southern end of Delbow Road on east side there is a small pond. 1 Cattle Egret was here (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

DOD Ponds, Penns Grove WMA (Delorme Page 53 M15)
- no Bobwhite (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 nothing of note (Day - VSO)

Everitt Road (Delorme Page 35 L22)
- nothing in or calling (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 pond east of rte#579 - rough-winged swallows (Goldman for Nikon/DVOC)

Featherbed Lane (Delorme Page 61 C21)
4/10 - Meadowlark (McMorris/Reamue - Four Loons)
4/29 - Featherbed Lane area: HOLA singing on fields along Pennsgrove-Auburn Road (641) 0.1 mile NW from Pointers-Auburn Road (646). Featherbed Lane was otherwise unproductive. Habitat is decent for UPSA, HOLA, and this area had six SNGO on 14 Apr. There are a couple ponds and wet areas, most significant near eastern end. Lighting can be harsh if we have a clear day. Pond on n. side of road is probably more easily seen by driving up Pointers-Swedesboro Road (620). Pond on s. side of road near e. end is best viewed from high ground when pond first comes into view. Lighting gets harsh as you pass the pond. Seven BLVU seen over fields here. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
4/30 - 1 snow goose (pond), Lesser Yellowlegs (pond), Eastern Meadowlark (Raicich - UMLY)
5/6 - small ponds on Featherbed Lane west of Sharptown-Auburn Road - Green Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - near farm pond - Black Vultures, Turkey Vultures, Meadowlarks, Bobolinks, Yellowlegs, peeps, Pectoral Sandpipers (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - small ponds on Featherbed Lane west of Sharptown-Auburn Road - Killdeer in area, no Green Heron of Black-crowned Night-Heron (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - near farm pond - Black Vultures, Meadowlarks, Bobolinks, Yellowlegs, peeps, Pectoral Sandpipers (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 About 3-4 miles SW of Featherbed Land, on Kings Highway (620?), I had a female Kestrel on a power line on the west side of the road at the
intersection with Black Road. Also saw a male Bluebird on Sharpstown Auburn Road, west side of road about 3/4 mile North of Featherbed Lane, mailbox #249. (Schilling - Greenkill GNATcatchers)
5/8 Meadowlark and Bobolink in field. Farm pond: Lesser Yellowlegs, Mallard, Pectoral Sand., peeps NW corner Featherbed and King's Highway (CR 620): White-crowned Sparrow singing. I left birdseed. (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/8 Black Vultures at both ends. Grasshopper Sparrow opposite # 194, called once only. The Pond held Solitary and many Least Sandpiper as well as Lesser Yellowlegs. Bobolink between road and pond (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 just north of Featherbed lane on east side, around the first pond there is an Snow Goose with messed up right wing. The Pond held Solitary and many Least Sandpiper as well as Lesser Yellowlegs. Bobolink between road and pond.(Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Grasshopper Sparrow (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 CR641 just W. of CR646:
Horned Larks in plowed fields.
Featherbed W of Sharpton-Auburn Rd., in hedgerows: Savannah Sparrow (found by Mike Fritz) Sharpton-Auburn Rd. north of Featherbed: Snow Goose on farm pond (found by Mike Fritz) Small ponds on Featherbed W of Sharpton-Auburn Rd.: Balt. oriole, Car. Wren. BC night heron yes, green heron no. Featherbed farm pond: both yellowlegs, least sandpiper, no pecs. Lots of meadowlarks and bobolinks.
(McMorris - Four Loons)
5/10 just north of Featherbed lane on east side, around the first pond there is an Snow Goose with messed up right wing
The Pond on Featherbed Lane held Solitary and many Least Sandpiper as well as Lesser Yellowlegs. Bobolink between road and pond. Male Harrier.
(Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Featherbed Lane, pond near (on Kings Highway) (Delorme Page 61 C22)
3/23 - 2 Snow Geese at pond (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/6 - Great Egret, Great Blue Heron, Domestic Geese (no Snow Goose) (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Great Blue Heron, Domestic Geese (no Snow Goose) (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 no Snow Geese. (McMorris - Four Loons)

Flood Gate Road (Delorme Page 53 H23)
5/6 - at Delaware River, Great Cormorant, Double-crested Cormorant, Forster's Tern
- at stream crossing - Least Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 Caspian Tern, Ringbill Gulls, Common Loon (Day - VSO)

Florence (DeLorme Page 27 D26)
Click Here for Florence Peregine Picture Page
4/4 Great Cormorant on Day Marker, Lesser Black-backed Gulls at park, no Peregrines seen on Turnpike Bridge (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
4/10 - Kingfisher, Great Cormorant on Day Marker, no peregrines seen on bridge (McMorris/Reamue - Four Loons)
4/14 Peregrines on bridge (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC) (Schreck - Leupold / Virginia)
5/4 - Florence/Riverview Dr......2 Great Cormorants
/River's Edge Park.....2 LBBG's in flight, that dropped in behind the trees that line the far side of the river. There is no visible roosting place for them on the landfill. There does seem to be one behind these trees, which is at the base of the landfill and close, the only problem is that one can only see a handful of gulls through the leaves. A 100+ gulls loafing on the water here which may have better potential as a spot rather than Carey Park
/Turnpike Bridge......Peregrine in usual spot on Bucks side. Up river from here (high tide) there were 100's of loafers, which included 2 LBBG's. A likely White-Wing flew around the corner. The tide on the day will be low. Just around the corner from where they were at low tide is a large roost site.
/last marker/osprey platform.......2 of the 7 cormorants were Greats (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Iceland Gull at the Great Cormorant spot (Kelling/Wood - Swarovski/Cornell)
SWALLOW - feeding at that dirt mound area downstream from the park overlook. I had 5 looks over maybe 5 minutes. As far as I know, they don't have a nesting colony near here. I presume a migrant, but keep it in mind for those hitting this area on Sat. I was hoping for a LBBG, but I was there late and if any still around, they would have gone to roost already I believe. Turnpike Bridge - the male PEREGRINE was perched nicelyon a center rafter. Near a huge mess of whitewash. It wasn't there on my first scan. 10 minutes later it was. Look down the center of the bridge toward the river. Scope may be advised
depending on how far away you are. (Keller on NJ Birds)
5/9 Peregrine. Believe it or not part of the bride where they were working was on fire, but no one seemed to care! Great Cormorant on marker (Binns - Nikon/DVOC
5/10 Peregrine on bridge, no great Cormorant (6 pm) (Day - VSO)
5/10 Florence/River's Edge Park P.47 D26 - 2nd year Lesser Black-backed Gull, Florence/ Turnpike Bridge P.47 E25 - Peregrine. 1st year Iceland Gull, Florence-South of Turnpike Bridge/ osprey platform (which has nesting Red-tailed Hawks!) P.47 F24 - Great Cormorant on marker (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 Florence/River's Edge Park - 2nd year Lesser Black-backed Gull
Florence/ Turnpike Bridge P.47 E25 - Peregrine & Adult Iceland Gull (that now makes at least 2 Iceland's in the area) (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Forrest Avenue sod farms (Delorme Page 61 C18
5/6 - devoid of birds

Garrison Road (Harmony) (Delorme Page 28 H7)
4/4 - Kestrels near third box on Garrison. Kestels near box on Brainards Road. Pond on Brainards, Snow Geese, Mallards (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 - kestrel flew from area of third box - seen actively hunting over fields between Garrison and Brainard; pond on Brainard - mallard, great blue heron, green heron, lesser yellowlegs, killdeer, spotted sandpiper, tree and barn swallow; meadowlarks in area fields; eastern kingbird and baltimore oriole in area. (Goldman for Nikon/DVOC)

Grissom Road: (Delorme Page 61 F17)
- AMKE seen in flight ca. 0.3 mile before intersection with Pointer-Auburn Road. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

High Hill Road: e. side of 130 south of Bridgeport. (Delorme Page 53 J20)
4/29 - Some view of Raccoon Creek from south. Easy access, easy parking, and a lot of water in view. Nothing of note found here, however it is worth a look as there is some potential for loon, shorebirds, terns. Difficulty is in access to this road as 130 is divided here, and we’d have to overshoot and come back. (It’s possible that if Pedricktown is skipped that turning around past Birch Creek and hitting Birch Creek and then High Hill Road and leaving via that route makes this more appealing; need to make that determination.) (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/4 - nothing of note bird wise, but MORE IMPORTANTLY I was stopped by the Railroad Police (yes, he was dressed like a Police Officer with a Railroad Policeman Badge) written up and issued a warning. I am now along with my car in their database should I be stopped again. NO-ONE IS ALLOWED ON RAILROADS in NJ - courtesy of Homeland Security and their paranoia (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 High tide when I was there (12:20) Forster's Tern, other ho-hum stuff. A train came through and I didn't linger.(McMorris - Four Loons)
5/9 3 Caspian Terns (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)

Jefferson Lane - Logan Township Water Treatment Plant: (Delorme Page 53 J20)
- with KBW, ca. 15:00 Saturday afternoon. Jefferson Lane. Cutout in median just s. of Jefferson, shouldn’t cost much time.
Notables: Warbling Vireo singing; a few White-throated Sparrows; Brown Thrasher.
Notes: Plenty of habitat for moorhen, prothonotary, and other wetland-forest type stuff. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/6 - Wood Duck (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - House Wren, Goldfinch, House Wren, flyover Cooper's Hawk (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Mannington Marsh (CR 540) (Delorme Page 61 G17)
4/10 - Kingfisher, Snipe, Coot, PB Grebe, (McMorris/Reamue - Four Loons)
5/6 - Caspian Tern, Least Sandpipers, yellowlegs, 1 adult Bald Eagle, 2 immature Bald Eagles (Filemyr - Nikon DVOC)
5/7 Possible snow goose from causeway looking east (VSO)
5/8 This morning while exploring a state wildlife area east of the town of Salem, Salem County, Derek Stoner heard a Sandhill Crane calling just after dawn. At 7:30am he located the bird feeding in a field on Dolbow Road, between Route 540 and Penton Station Road. The bird was in a recently tilled field on the west side of Dolbow Road, just before the
road crosses the railroad tracks. This area is located on page 61 of the New Jersey DeLorme map, section H18. (Lehman - NJ RBA)
5/8 2 Caspian Tern's, Dunlin, Least Sandpiper & Greater Yellowlegs. Good news is that it should be low tide when we show up on Saturday. (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 - Caspian Tern (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 3 Caspian Terns (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 (hit it at 10:30-11:00. High tide. Will be the
same tide at about 2:30-3:00 Saturday): Bald Eagle, Caspian Tern, Mute Swan (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/10 Caspian Tern, dead Snow Goose on road (see 5/7) (Day - VSO)


Mannington Marsh (CR 620 bridge): (Delorme Page 61 G17)
- Black-crowned Night Heron, Caspian Tern, Forster's Tern (Raicich - UMLY)
5/6 - Black-crowned Night Heron, Laughing Gulls, Mute Swans (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Just south of the bridge, the farmer was turning over his field. Several hundred Laughing Gulls. (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 2 Forster's Tern; Black Vultures (Binns (Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 five Morhens, Virginia Rail, Little Blue Heron (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Fish Crow, Mute Swan, RT Hawk. Laughing gull, no terns. (McMorris - Four Loons)

Mannington Marsh (Route 45): (Delorme Page 61 G18)
4/10 -
Wood Duck, Blue-winged Teal, Glossy Ibis (McMorris/Reamue - Four Loons)
4/29 - site of 2005 COMO. Not present 29 Apr 2006. Several NRWS here. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/6 - Fish Crow, N. Rough Winged Swallows, Eastern Phoebe (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Moorhen, Mute swan, rough-winged swallow (McMorris - Four Loons)

Mannington Marsh (Sunset Road [continuation of Grissom on other side of Pointer-Auburn]) (Delorme Page 61 F15)
4/10 -
Bald Eagle, both teal, Snipe, PB Grebe, Gadwall, Kingfisher, both yellowlegs (McMorris/Reamue - Four Loons)
4/29 - Marsh seems tide dependent; previous year notes mention this spot for CATE, however 14 and 29 April didn’t reveal this. Did have flyover WODU, GRHE, and BAEA (seen twice, or two different birds) here 29 Apr. Hundreds of GRYE and plenty of LEYE. Several FOTE. MUSW, GBHE too. 14 Apr had LBHE here. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/7 - Mute Swans, Forester's Terns, Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagle, both Yellowlegs, Semi-Palm Sandpipers, Least Sandpipers, 1 Dunlin. Popular fishing spot (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Orchard Lane, Linvale (Delorme Page 35 N25)
- nothing in, namely Bobolinks, Meadowlarks (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Pedricktown Area (Delorme Page 53 K/L 17/18)
- Notes: Town itself had several singing HOFI in mid-afternoon on a sunny day.
Area Covered: Two roads that run east from 130. Northern Road is 602. Starts out with forested wetlands that could hold PROW, though enough open areas that COMO could hang out here. Farther down 602 becomes dryer and more suitable for YBCH and such. Eventually 602 leads to town.
Just south of 602 off of 130 is Straughns Mill Road (642), which has a large open area on n. side of road that seems like it should have HOLA, but didn’t. Very quiet overall.
In town itself were at least two singing HOFI, one at 84 E. Mill Street (which connects 602 and 642 in the town).
Pedricktown Marsh (where 601 Crosses Oldmans Creek) is terribly difficult to bird and not Big Day-friendly. Parking is at either end of causeway and would require walking. Marsh is mostly green vegetation (spatterdock or something similar); finding shorebirds here seems difficult, and a lot of time could be spent trying to find them on the day. Worth scouting further closer to day in case something notable is hanging out here, as the site isn’t far from desired route.
South of Pedricktown on Route 602 we cross feeder to Oldmans. Easy pull off, and enough water that it might be worth a look. Should scout it. BAOR singing here. (Map 53: L-19) (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Pedricktown - East: (Delorme Page 53 L21)
- Route 602 crosses over I-295 and comes to Chapter One Horse Farm. This spot has a small, shallow-banked pond, and a small marshy area among the horse pasture. Great for SPSA, KILL. Opposite side of road has grassy crop that looks pretty sterile. At 0.4 Miles past horse farm at driveway to #135 on left (yellow post with numbers on it; first real turn off to left), singing and seen HOLA. Several HOLA along this road, including one dead on road at mile 1.1. Lots of open fields and open sky between I-295 and Auburn. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)Pointers-Auburn Road (620) (Delorme Page 61 D20)
4/29 worth scouting crossing of Salem River, just southwest of Sharptown. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Pointers-Auburn Road (620) eagle nest: (Delorme Page 61 F18)
4/29 - best viewed from ca. 0.5 miles past Biddle Road. Stop at pullout on left between two fields about 0.2 after crossing under high tension lines. Nest is in view near tallest trees to southwest. Lighting is harsh if sunny. Eaglet was about 1/3 to 1/2 size of the adult on 29 Apr, and attended by one adult. Nest becomes difficult to find if you pass this spot. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/7 - The pullout is near on the side across from pole # S21608. The view is more south than west. Two adult Bald Eagles were sitting in a tree near the obscured nest (leaves) While trying to get another view of this nest from Halltown Road I saw an active Osprey nest where the high tensiopn wires cross Halltown Road. (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 Nest is there, but no chick, juvenile or Eagle of any age. Checked twice. Never saw an eagle today anywhere! (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 A bit of heat haze, but there was something sitting low in the nest, could see its head moving. (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 Juvenile on nest (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Pointers, North of, on Route 45 (Delorme Page 61 H16)
- ca. 0.2 mile from town, imm. BAEA seen over houses. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Red Bank Dredge Spoils DeLorme Page .54 F3
5/6 Moorhen, Coot, PBG, Gadwall & BW Teal. (Holt for Nikon/DVOC)
3 Coot, 2 Pied Billed Grebe, 1 Moorhen, YB Cuckoo (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 3 Coot, 1 Pied Billed Grebe, 1 Moorhen, Kestrel, Semi-palmated Plover (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 1 Coot, 1 Pied Billed Grebe, 1 Moorhen, Blackpoll Warbler (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Raccoon Creek area: west of Route 130 (Delorme Page 53 I21)
4/29- Accessed by taking a left just before bridge over Raccoon Creek on s. side of Bridgeton, and then turning left on Ferry Road (324). Also, right on 324 brings you to a dead end with a small woodlot. Notables: Warbling Vireo.
Misc: lots of YWAR.
Notes: Habitat is decent for INBU, YBCH, BLGR, BRTH. Commodore Barry Bridge is in view from end (didn’t look at it), but could hold PRFA. Dead end on e. end could have HAWO, and potential migrants (thinking BLPW). (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/6 - Common Yellowthroat (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Raccoon Creek area North side, east of 130 : (Delorme Page 53 J21)
- Not terribly easy to access. Route would be Main Street to S. Bridgeport Street. River is in view here, but not much on it. BARS, HOWR. Perhaps a quick visit scouting, but potential is low. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Riverwinds (Delorme Page 54 F3)
4/4 - Buffleheads, Gadwald on large pond (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
4/10 - Buffleheads, Bobwhite at Nature Trail (McMorris/Reamue - Four Loons)
4/14 - Buffleheads, Gadwalds on large pond, Bobwhite at Nature Trail (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC) (Schreck - Leupold / Virginia)
4/23 - Report on the DVOC Field Trip to Riverwinds
4/30 - late morning, had N. Bobwhite calling, but took about 5 minutes. I "think" someone may have been
running some dogs back in there, so maybe that's why the calling was sporadic.
No Gadwalls in the retention pond, but the week before during the DVOC field trip, they wern't in there initially but then flew in. (Jeff Holt)
5/4 - NO Bufflehead on the pond, only Gadwall. Could not get a Bobwhite to respond...must the accent (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/5 - late Friday afternoon - Bobwhite calling and Gadwall still in retention pond. (Jeff Holt for Nikon/DVOC)

5/6 - Mid-morning Sat., Bobwhite calling & Gadwall still in retention pond. (Jeff Holt for Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 - Bobwhites..Friday (& this morning) coming from direction of the River while I was standing near the pond that's directly behind the community center. Sat & also this morning, heard while walking the "Scenic Trail" (& thus, likely audible from along the fence). Problem is that vocalizations have been sporadic & not steady has in the past.
Gadwalls still OK as of this morning. (Jeff Holt for Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 Bobwhites calling near nature trail (VSO)
5/8 3 Bobwhite, two at the nature trail and one near the small pond (seen). Gadwall on small pond (Cornell)
5/8 Pond behind pro center: Mallard, Forster's Tern. No Gadwall or Bufflehead.
Small pond (where the Gadwall were last year; this is the "retention"pond"?) Gadwall, Mallard flushed 2 Solitary Sand. Killdeer, Warbling Vireo near parking area.
Field near small pond: no horned larks
Scenic trail: Bobwhite calling from behind parking area. Calling sporadically. Towhee, Balt. Oriole, lots of Field Sp.
(McMorris - Four Loons)
5/8 Bobwhite responded to my first call only at Scenic Trail car park. NO Gadwall (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8- 2 Bobwhite calling alternate call about 50 yds "Golf Course Maintenance" sign, 2 Solitary Sandpipers, but no Gadwall in small pond, Blue Grosbeak signing at small pond (Elkins - Bushnell/CT Audubon)
5/9 Bobwhite calling opposite Sandpiper Lane (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 N. Bobwhite very vocal at Scenic Trail enterance. No Gadwall. (Holt for Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 Bobwhite responded from Scenic Trail parking lot to my calling. N. Parula also in parking lot.
Checked both ponds...No Gadwall again (Holt for Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 No Bobwhite at mid-day (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 Late Wed. (7ish), Bobwhites very vocal at/near Riverwinds. Could be heard from the intersection of Grove & Delaware before you enter the complex. This morning (Thur.) things just the opposite. Couldn't get a rise after much effort from the Scenic Trail parking lot & was able, again, after much effort, to get a Bobwhite to call from along the gap in the fence location. Again, no Gadwalls. Me thinks they've moved on. (Holt for Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 One Bobwhite calling along fence, 1 Bobwhite calling behind small pond, Willow Flycatcher behind small pond, no Gadwall, Savannah Sparrow sitting on fence near back of large pond. (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/11 Bobwhite at end of white fence on right side, just before the golf course (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Rte 295/Delaware River Overlook (Delorme Page 48 B3)
- no Cliff Swallows (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Rte 49 DeLorme Page 61 K19
5/9 9 Cattle Egrets on south side of Rte 49 between S. Burden Hill Road & CR 626/Jericho Road (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)

Yard Road (Delorme Page 35 L21/22)
- No Red-headed Woodpeckers (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/4 - no RH Woodpeckers (likely not in) (Binns - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 no sign of red-headed woodpecker; american kestrel male seen hunting and repeatedly perched on wires, telephone poles at intersection of Yard Rd and Rte 579. The bird stayed for over 1 hour without flying off (I left first). Successfully hunted fields both sides of 579. No nest box seen in the area. (Goldman - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 NO Red Headed Woodpeckers - all was quiet, only heard occasional Red Bellied. Had great looks at a Red Fox while I waited! Baltimore Oriole, Meadowlark Possible Savannah (seen not heard)
(Fraser - Four Loons)

• Southern New Jersey (Locations are in a general ALPHABETICAL order)

Ackley Road (Delorme Page 68 K7)
Pine Warbler, Titmouse, Ovenbird (Filemyr- Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 - Near intersection with RR Ave- 2 SUTA, WEVI, OROR (Elkins-Bushnell/CT Audubon)

Avalon Campground (Delorme Page 72 G12)
- I checked both Avalon and Tamerlane camp grounds. The women at the desks at both locations said, "Yes we have them." But when I spoke to Rocco, the head man at Avalon (who says he's there from morning to night every day), he said, "They're not here yet." I drove around and couldn't hear/see any woodpecker. (Armstrong - Balding Eagles)

Avalon, 37th Street, bay side (DeLorme Page 73 J15)
5/7 - dusk - Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, Black-crowned NIght-herons, Spotted Sandpiper (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Avalon, Lois Lane/50th Street, Ocean access (DeLorme Page 72 K14)
5/7 Piping Plovers, Semi-palm Plovers, Sanderling, Oystercatchers (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

5/7 - PROTHONOTARY - 2 - along the RR tracks. We had a few migrant warblers near the parking area. West actually. Walk straight. Check that wet area also besides the edges. Had ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK in there. (Keller on NJ Birds)
5/8 Nothing really shaking here by the road. Some migrants in the back, but we will not be walking way back in there. I was told that Protho. is using the woods right by the road and will sing frequently, but it was silent when I was there. Just a Bl-th Green by the road. (Four Loons)

Belleplain : (Delorme Page 72 A6))
- 1 male Hooded Warbler, a Blue-headed Vireo, gobs of Ovenbirds, and Black & White Warblers, several Wood Thrushes, and lots of what has been "in" but alas, no Great-crests, Acadian, Tanagers or Cuckoos (Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)
4/30 - Triangle - Worm-eating Warbler, White-eyed vireo, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, White-throated Sparrow, Phoebe (Raicich - UMLY)
5/4 - Summer Tanagers came into Belleplain very nicely yesterday, in several spots. Much of the same which is being reported, as well, Bt. Greens, Scarlet Tanagers, Female Baltimore orioles back, etc. Also, managed my first E. Wood-Pewees a day or so ago. I must admit to being highly sceptical of the spate of Pewees reported from Early April. (Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)
5/5 - 2 singing Kentucky Warblers, several Acadian, 2 Pewee, Worm-eatings & Hooded Warbler everywhere!, Prothonotory & LA waterthrush at several spots, Only a single Summer Tanager, and not even one Scarlet!? I did have my first Blue Grosbeaks and Indigo Buntings there though. (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 a TURKEY along Frank's Rd. near that green gate. EASTERN PEWEE sounded off at the green gate also. There are PHOEBES' nests around. (Keller on NJ Birds)

Bevan WMA: (DeLorme Page 68 K5)
- Turkey, Prairie Warbler, Kingbird, Ovenbird, Field Sparrow (Raicich - UMLY)
5/7 Prairie Warbler, Carolina Wren, Brown Thrasher, White-eyed Vireo, C. Chickadee, Towhee, Catbird, Ovenbird, Titmouse. (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9- SUTA, WEVI, OROR, Hairy Woodpecker, Yellow-breasted Chat, Blue Grosbeak, Orchard Oriole, Wild Turkey, House Wren (Elkins-Bushnell/CT Audubon)

BiValve (Delorme Page 66 J10)
2 pm, high tide - BBPL, DUNL, SBDO, but that was it. A few willets perched. Herring, Ring-billed, Great Black-backed, and Laughing Gulls. Lots of Forster’s Terns (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

5/6 - Bivalve - was loaded with shorebirds. I surveyed from 2:30 to 4:30PM. High tide was 5:30PM. Worked out good. Nothing unusual and I was looking while counting. Numbers: 8 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS, 21 LEAST SANDPIPERS, 250 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS , 5200 DUNLIN, 83 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS, 28 GREATER YELLOWLEGS, 123 LESSER YELLOWLEGS, 500 SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS, 7 WILLETS. The end of High St. is bad. DO NOT go past the processing factory if you still want your car to come up smelling nice! It was a long smelly ride home. Now for some rain to clean the underparts off..... 2 CHATS at the south end of Strawberry Ave. One in the island of trees in the middle of the field. The other near the parking area. For WSB purposes. 3 ORCHARD ORIOLES, 1 BALTIMORE, 2 BLUE- WINGED WARBLERS, 1 THRASHER, and 1 YELLOW- BILLED CUCKOO near the intersection of Strawberry Ave. and James Moore Rd. (Keller on NJ Birds)
5/7 Blue-winged Teal, Green-winged Teal, Gadwald (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 Green-winged Teal, Galdwall from old shell pile.Coot, Little Blue Heron from boardwalk (Cornell)

BreezeeLee Yacht Basin Marsh (DeLorme Page 73 L22)
5/8 Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows. Across the road 2 female Red-breated Merganzers. (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC, VSO)
5/9 Saltmarsh Shrp-tailed Sparrows, Seaside Sparrows, No Merganzers (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Brigantine (Edwin B. Forsythe) NWR (Delorme Page 71 A20)
- On the NW edge of the NW Pool of Brig was a lone Cattle Egret @ 2 PM today Rest was the usual. Scads of Gull-billed Terns. (Hetzel for Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 A Black-necked Stilt was seen yesterday afternoon (Weds) near the end of the dike at Brigantine (Forsythe) NWR by Kai Reed. (Lehman)

Cape May
This morning Don Freiday hear/saw Bobwhite near St. Peter's Church. There is another report of two seen near the circle.
5/8 Over 70 N. Gannets were feeding off the point, and it seems like close to 20 Least Terns are setting up shop at South Cape May. Parasitic Jaegers have not been missed since the first ones turned up at the end of April. (Vogel on NJ Birds)
5/10 Shun Pike Road. On the north edge of the cemetary near mailbox #1048 there is as Dickcissel singing his heart out (9:10 am) (Lehman) (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Cape May Meadows: (Delorme Page 73 M19)
- 1 Piping Plover on nest within enclosure (Leathersich - UMLY)
5/8 Gadwall, Green-winged Teal, Woodcock, Little Blue Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron (Gough - Smithsonian)

Cape May NWR along 603: (Delorme Page 72 M4)
- This spot could have Chat, Indigo Bunting, and Blue Grosbeak. I walked in about three minutes to an area where I pished at seven PM on 30 Apr. Several PRAW, BGGN, NOCA, RBWO, DOWO, and other common things appeared. Most interesting were 2 Nashville Warblers. If stuff can be gotten from parking area, this is worth a stop. It’s less than one minute from 47, and a right turn off 47, and a right turn back onto 47.
Came back at nine-fifteen on 30 Apr to troll for nightjars. Didn’t leave parking area. Road noise was a problem. Trees that WPWI might be singing from are a bit farther in the field. We could walk this for WPWI and YBCH if we need it, and EASO could be back in there. Should scout it at night. Only 20 minutes to finish line.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Cape May Point (Delorme Page 73 M/N 17/18)
5 /4
Three very co-operative Adult Parasitic Jaegers were off Brainard ave this morning. One just off the breakwater was so close the sun glistened off the white shafts on his upperwing, most deliciously. Jaeger's are fine beasts.
Trouble is I was really hoping for my first Least
Tern, or an Early Roseate or something. Found neither. Jaegers within chucking distance more than made up for it though.
A Breeding plumaged Red-throated Loon was off the point, given the number of Red-throated loons which occur in Jersey, this is a very rarely seen plumage.
(Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)
5/9 Several Bobwhite were seen around the circle south of Lilly Lake (Lukens for Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 The White-winged Dove is still at our yard in West Cape May this
morning (7:00 to 7:30 am). The best viewing is from Goldbeaten Alley
-- go north on Pacific from Sunset (next to Cape May Wicker) and the
third right is Goldbeaten Alley. There is a road sign at the
corner. Second yard on the left is ours. There's room to park on
Pacific. There is a picket fence around the yard. The bird often
feeds on the ground, sometimes just inside the fence, and also it
spends lots of time sitting in the big hackberry tree. All these
areas can be viewed from the alley. We ask you not to open the back
gate only because that is likely to flush the bird -- the fence is
working effectively as a blind. We're trying to stay out of the back
yard as much as possible ourselves to keep the bird undisturbed and,
hopefully, quite happy here (at least through Saturday for the World
Series of Birding!). (Garland on NJ Birds)
5/11The White-winged Dove was still present in West Cape May today (Thurs) morning from 7-7:30 AM and again from 10:30+ AM, but gone the
intervening three hours. (Lehman)
5/11 The first Roseate Tern of the season was at Cape May Point this morning. (Lehman)
5/11 All three species of scoters were observerved from the point today (Fritz -Nikon/DVOC)

Cape May "Rips" (Delorme Page 73 N19)
- Several Gannets, 4-5 RT Loons, Parasitic Jeager, 2 Royal Terns, lots of Common & Least Terns, several flocks of flyby scoters (Black & Surf). Lots of Dolphins and I caught 2 Striped Bass (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)

Cape May, St Peter's Church (Gingerbread Church) DeLorme Page 73. M17
5/8 Drake Surf Scoter, Black Scoter, Black Tern, Bonaparte's Gulls, Royal Terns, Common Terns, Forster's Terns, Parasitic Jaeger, Gannet. (VSO)

Cape May - Bunker
Surf Scoter (Wood/Kelling - Swarovski/Cornell

Cape May St. Peter's Jetty -
TURNSTONES. These shorebirds do move around from jetty
to jetty though. COMMON TERNS in with a couple hundred FORSTER'S TERNS roosting on that jetty. (Keller on NJ Birds)

Cape May, St. Mary's Jetty
5/7 - We had 3 light morph PARASITIC JAEGERS over the rips. No shorebirds here though. GANNETS from another birder - we spent 20 minutes here and had none. You all know how it works! 2 SURF SCOTERS - drakes - off here. (Keller on NJ Birds)

Cape May, Harbor
Common Loon, Brant (Gough - Smithsonian)

Cape May, Northwoods Center Feeders
White-throated Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow (Gough - Smithsonian)

Cape May, 2nd Avenue Jetty
Royal Terns, Skimmers, Piping Plover (Gough - Smithsonian)

Coast Guard Ponds
Common Loon (Filemyr Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Common Loon (Filemyr/Goldman - Nikon/Dvoc)

Cooks Beach Road (Delorme Page 72 I5)
- 11:13 AM:
At beach were lots of Laughing Gulls, Herring Gulls, Great Black-backed Gulls. Drake Black Scoter off beach. Scores of Dunlin and Sanderling looking up beach toward Reed’s.
Marsh held 20 GLIB, Willets, Greater Yellowlegs. Worth looking for BLRA here.
1.0 miles from Route 47, about three minutes to drive it. Both sides of road wooded until marsh
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

5/7 15 BLACK SCOTERS. (Keller on NJ Birds)

CR555 at white culvert south of mile marker 2:
5/9 prothonotary, worm- eating warb (McMorris - Four Loons)

Dividing Creek at Buckshutem Stream: (Delorme Page 68 I11)
5/1 - Pished here for ten minutes and only got BGGN and EATO.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Dividing Creek Station at Tracks: (Delorme Page 68 M8 <?>)
5/1 - SUTA found by walking in farther than I’d like (about 400 yards, would need this to be closer if we’re going to get it. YTVI, PIWA, CACH, Titmouse.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Dividing Creek , lake on east side of 555, north of town (DeLorme Page 68 M9)
5/7 Common Loon (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Dividing Creek, Rt 555, Page 68, L9
5/9- 3 Prothonatory Warblers, Yellow-throated warblers, Carolina Chickadee, White-eyed vireo, all near white culvert (sorry, I didn’t take down mileage, I drive by landmarks) (Elkins-Bushnell/CT Audubon)

Dividing Creek, lake on south side of Turkey Point Rd (Rt 664) Delorme Page 68 M7)
5/7 - Black Duck (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Dividing Creek, lake on north side of Turkey Point Rd (Rt 664) Delorme Page 68 M7)
5/7 - Black Duck (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

East Point Light (Delorme Page 66 M10)
4/16 - several Snow Geese (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 Bl Scoter – BT Grackle on wire (Four Loons)
5/9 No Snow Geese (Filemyr/Goldman - Nikon/DVOC)

East Point Road (Delorme Page 66 L12)
- Notables: Black Vulture seems to be nesting in abandoned house 0.2 miles from where Impound Loop intersects (0.7 from E. Pt. Rd. and Main). Brown Thrasher seen along E. Pt. Rd. near end on 15 Apr and 30 Apr. Good views of Delaware Bay at end of road (Gannets here 15 Apr but not 30 Apr).
Misc: This area could have Harriers, Seaside Sparrows, maybe Saltmarsh Sparrows. Needs to be scouted with those birds in mind. On a windy day, this area is tough to bird. Road is in good shape and lends itself to high speed. Small marshy area on right just before lighthouse had GRYE; looks good for a Ruff. Bay Ave is a washboarded, shelled road that has a small beach at 0.1 miles from E. Pt. Rd. that might be worth a look for REKN.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Eastern Shore Nursing Home Delorme (Page 72 H11)
5/8 one Cattle Egret around the back (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 two Cattle Egrets on front lawn, one flyover (Kelling/Wood - Cornell)
5/9 one Cattle Egret in back. There is also a couple of white plastic pipes coming out of the ground on the mound in the back that should not be confused with a Cattle Egret. Several Cattle Egrets were also found on a small pond along a powerline between CR646 and CR652 (Filemyr/Goldman - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 no Cattle Egrets, Lawn has been mowed. 4 Cattle Egrets in samll pond mentioned above (Filemyr -- Nikon/DVOC)

Glade Road from Main to 47:
4/29 -
Notes: Nothing noteworthy has been seen here, however the bridge over Riggins Ditch (I’ve referred to this as Glade Marsh) offers easy scanning of a marsh, and any drive into this spot should take a peek. The road itself could have various breeding species we’re after, such as INBU, SUTA, YBCH, et cetera.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Goshen, CMBO Building (Delorme Page 72 G7)
Hummingbird feeder at front door had hummingbird. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Goshen Landing (Delorme Page 72 G7)

Heislerville (Matts Landing) (Delorme Page 66 K12)
4/11 -
impoundment with marsh area - Pintail, Coots, Kingfisher (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
4/16 - impoundment with marsh area - Coots, Hooded Mergansers, Shovelers (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
4/24 - 18 Black Skimmers, 1 Spotted Sandpiper
3 Green Herons and lots of other herons, including very smart Black-crowned Night Herons, Short-billed Dowitchers, Greater and Lesserlegs, Dunlin and Black-bellied Plovers . Both Green Herons and Little Blues were seen flying over thehighway at several points. One Bald Eagle, 3 A. Coot
4 Red-breasted Mergs - 3 imm males, 1 A. Wigeon. 1 Warbling Vireo, Blue Grosbeak singing along Main St (Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)
5/5 - Black Vulture, Tricolored Heron, Gadwall, Wigeon, Black Skimmers, tons of shorebirds including at least 2 White-rumps (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 White-rumped Sandpipers (Cornell)
5/9 Breeding plumage Curlew Sandpiper, near "short dike". In several thousand other shorebirds. (Lehman)
5/10 In the impoundment with the water control structure, (furthest east impoundment) Tri-colored Heron, Wigeon, Blue Winged Teal (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 did not have the Curlew Sandpiper but had one adult Piping Plover, one White-rumped Sandpiper, One Lesser Black-backed Gull (Johnson - Nikon/Space Coast)
5/11 I had a quick run through Matt's Landing - did not see the lesser
black-back or the piping plover. (McMorris - Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 One Curlew Sandpiper continued today at Hieslerville WMA. HOWEVER, it appeared at the timethat water was being put back in to the impoundment, which if true, may ruin the good shorebird habitat there by tomorrow... (Lehman)

Heislerville Area (Delorme Page 66 K12)
Intersection of Main and High (just south, on Main)

- [Arrived at this spot by turning off of Route 47 onto CR 740 (Mackey’s Lane)]
Misc: BTBW (migrant); MYWA (migrants); PRAW (3+), WEVI (Lots); WOTH, NOCA, OVEN, ETTI, GRCA, PIWA (out of habitat, and back up at intersection); lingering WTSP.
Notes: This area could hold INBU, YBCH, BLGR, SUTA (in the trees behind), and WPWI should be possible at night.
Main Street between High and Menhaden:
Notables: Prothonotary at small pond in woods on w. side of Main Street at 1.1 miles from intersection with High (at #113, name Tomlin on mail box). PROW crossed street. Orchard Oriole singing from intersection with Menhaden.
Misc: LOWA from PROW spot (a bit odd); OVEN, NOCA, AMRO. Wild Turkey in field at house number 63 on right (across and before Lonesome Dove Produce).
Notes: KEWA could happen at PROW spot in woods. Several spots along Main could have SUTA.
Menhaden from Main to bike trail near end:
Notables: Hummingbird feeder at 0.3 miles on left. Prothonotary singing deep in woods on left at 0.7 miles. Yellow-throated Warbler singing at bike trail parking lot at 1.0 miles.
Notes: Wettish area at 0.8 is owned/managed by “Menhaden Pistol Club.” Contact info: S. Jogren at 856-455-9200, Bridgeton, NJ.
Menhaden to Leesburg via River Road and High Street:
Notes: This route travels along Maurice River on the east side. Some open habitat could support SUTA, maybe YBCH. Nightjars are possible. River could hold a loon, but would be tough to scout. Leesburg had couple singing HOFI. Area is easily (and likely) skipped.
Matt’s Landing Road to parking just before causeway:
Notables: Yellow-throated Warbler singing in three locations: at 0.3 from Main, 0.4 from Main, and 0.6 from Main. Blue-winged Warbler singing from just before parking lot; habitat is so-so, but this bird was probably a migrant.
Notes: Parking lot gives easy access to causeway between impoundments.
Impoundments at end of Matt’s Landing Road:
Notables: 30 Black Skimmers on spit in impoundment on south. This impoundment seems tidal, but seems much slower than drainage south of it. Impoundment on north does not seem tidal. Heron roost on island in middle of it. Present here were two Green Herons, 15 Black-crowned Night-Herons, one Little Blue Heron. Spotted Sandpiper seen from birm on s. side of impoundment.
Misc: On south, lots of GRYE, a few LEYE, LESA, MUSW, FOTE, RBGU, HERG, GBBG, LAGU. On north, GREG, ABDU, MALL.
Notes: This spot looks good for a White-rump, and maybe Black Tern. Impoundments could trap just about any waterfowl temporarily.
Impound Loop and H’Ville Marsh:
Notes: area south of birm is tidal, but when mud is exposed, good numbers of shorebirds were here. This is a one-lane birm at places, and it’s possible to have to wait for an oncoming car (this has not happened to me).
H’Ville Marsh and drive back to East Point Road:
Notables: American Wigeon, 4 Red-breasted Mergansers, 2 Gadwall, Belted Kingfisher flyover, Bald Eagle.
Misc: lots of ABDU, BARS, TRES, CLRA, FOTE, GREG, SNEG, and a few MAWR.
Notes: This marsh seems to attract waterfowl; on 15 April we had HOME, and AMCO here. Enough herons in here that LBHE or TRHE could happen. GRHE possible. BEKI seen on both visits, and at least one BAEA seen on both visits. From Marsh back to E. Point Road has pine habitat that could have SUTA, INBU, YTWA, et cetera.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/9 Coot, Blue-winged Teal, Green-winged Teal, Dadwall, Tri-colored Heron, Wigeon (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Scaup (Lesser or Greater?) (Multiple Observers

Herford Inlet
5/8 one 3rd summerish Lesser Black-backed Gull was
at Hereford Inlet. I had most kindly been tipped off
to what I thought would be an adult bird hanging out
there, so there must be two in the neighborhood. This
one was still fairly brown in the wing.
(Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)

Hidden Valley - the first field.
half way down the east path. A CHAT was along the west trail near the beginning. INDIGO BUNTINGS if needed, etc. No Bobolinks, but I have had them there in the past. BLACK VULTURES soaring overhead. (Keller on NJ Birds)

Higbee Beach (Delorme Page 73 L18)
4/24 - House Wren was singing from the hedgerows (Vogel)
4/29 - Prairie Warbler, Common Yellowthroat (Leathersich - UMLY)

Jakes Landing: (Delorme Page 72 E7)
- Woodland - Ovenbird, Great-crested Flycatcher, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Brown Thrasher, Yellow Warbler, Eastern Towhee (Leathersich - UMLY)
- Marsh - Clapper Rail, Glossy Ibis, Bobolink, Osprey (active nest), Marsh Wren (Leathersich - UMLY)
5/4 - Saltmarsh Sharptailed Sparrows were singing at Jake's Landing after midnight (Vogel)
5/4 -
night, no Sparrows, but 3 WHIPS, 1 SCREECH-OWL heard at that field on the east side of the road. It was far. CLAPPER RAILS, VIRGINIA RAIL (I heard none at Goshen - unusual), etc. VIRGINIA called from the end of the road. Other side of the creek. (Keller on NJ Birds)

5/5 - A King Rail was calling at Jake's landing last
night around midnight. Presumably the smae as was
heard the other day? Very odd place for one. (Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)
5/5 - Pair of N. Harriers, 4 Salt Marsh Sharp-tails, Yellow-throated Warbler, White-faced Ibis!!! adult/breeding (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/8 Seaside sparrows galore Nothing else worth noting (Four Loons)
5/8 Harrier, Clapper Rail, Seaside Sparrow, Meadowlark (Gough - Smithsonian)

John Wesley Cemetery (Mt. Olive): (Delorme Page 72 H9)
- Checked this spot 30 Apr at 21:30. Nothing singing. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

5/7 Chucks and Whips calling (Fritz/Filemyr Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 Chucks but no Whips (windy conditions) (Johnson - Nikon/Space Coast)

Langley Road:
4/29 -
Notables: Chat singing 30 April from overgrown area on west side of road where pavement ends. White house with chain link fence and tall radio antenna on right.
Misc: WEVI.
Notes: This spot could also have BLGR, and should be checked for Nightjars if we get here at night. Very easy spot to get to from 47 without much investment.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

Lilly Lake DeLorme (Page 73 M18)
5/8 Cliff Swallows over Lilly Lake 7:38 pm (VSO)

Millville airport:
5/9 Horned Lark. Viewed from CR670/Buckshutem Rd. Can't turn north on CR610 because of road work. (McMorris - Four Loons)

Morris River Cove
Greater Scaup (Lehman)

New Road:
4/29 - Notables: Prothonotary singing at north end, about 0.1 from 47 at wet area on west side, right at wide shoulder where road bends left. Singing 30 Apr on a sunny and windy day, about 60F at 10:30 AM.
Notes: No reason there isn’t SUTA here. KEWA could happen near PROW spot. Very easy spot to get to from 47 with little investment in time and distance.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

North Wildwood
Piping Plovers on Beach (Filemyr/Goldman - Nikon/DVOC)

Norburys Landing (Cape May County, bay side: (Delorme Page 72 M3)
- Easily accessed from getting off 47 at Route 603, and driving to Del Sea. Will check road names, but there are no traffic lights here, and this is a relatively quick in-and-out spot and should be considered if scouting has proven useful. Wilson’s Plover was first reported here 19 Apr 2006 and again 29&30 April, and 1 May. Beach is wide and shallow, and at low tide has several sandbars with water between them. Gulls were picking through a couple dead horseshoe crabs 30 Apr. I like this spot for Whimbrel, Knot, and perhaps other stuff.
(Day - Leupold / Virginia)

5/4 - 4:30 to 6:00PM. The tide
was going out. Perfect as shorebirds kept arriving. But not the one I was after! No Wilson's. But a large area and I left right before 6:00PM. WILLET, DUNLIN, SANDERLING (a few in almost breeding plumage whereas the DUNLIN are all mainly in breeding plumage), GREATER YELLOWLEGS, 1 SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, 4 BLACK SKIMMERS.. 2 GULL-BILLED TERNS, 2 BONAPARTE'S GULLS still in the vicinity. Both in winter plumage still. (Keller on NJ Birds)
5/7 9:00AM or so. Immature BALD EAGLE.
No sign of the Bonaparte's from Thursday. But this tide was lower. More sand bars exposed if that makes a difference. (Keller on NJ Birds)

Nummy's Island (Delorme Page 72 M11)
- Tricolored Heron was dancing in idal pools at Nummy's, and hunkered down along creeks on Ocean Drive. (Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)
5/9 Tri-colored Herons, Little Blue Herons, Red-breasted Mergansers, Common Loon, Gull-billed Terns, Royal Terns, Whimbrils, Red Knots (Fritz- Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Peregrine, Whimbrel (Filemyr/Goldman - Nikon/DVOC

Railroad Avenue (woods on either side): (Delorme Page 68 K7)
- 1 Summer tanager, Ovenbird (Raicich - UMLY)
5/7 - Ovenbird, Pine Warbler (Filemyr Nikon/DVOC)

Railroad Avenue/Paynters Crossing (west along tracks): (Delorme Page 68 K7)
- Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (active nest), Great-crested Flycatcher (Raicich - UMLY)

5/7 - Ovenbird, Downy, Blue Gray Gnatcatcher (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Gr-crested fly, yellow warb, black-throated blue,
pewee, pine warb., ovenbird, titmouse, Kentucky, Prothonotary, worm- eating warb., bank swallow, summer tanager, r-e vireo, carolina chickadee, gnatcatcher, yellow-throated warb, indigo bunting, wood thrush (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/9- Yellow-throated warblers, Eastern Pewee (2), Yellow-billed cuckoo, Worm-eating warbler, Summer tanager, 4+ Pine warblers, Carolina Chickadee, plenty of Bank Swallows (Elkins-Bushnell/CT Audubon)
5/10 Gr-crested fly, yellow warb, black-throated blue,
pewee, pine warb., ovenbird, titmouse, Kentucky, Prothonotary, worm-
eating warb., bank swallow, summer tanager, r-e vireo, carolina
chickadee, gnatcatcher, yellow-throated warb, indigo bunting, wood
thrush (McMorris - Four Loons)

Reeds Beach Road/Reeds Beach (Delorme Page 72 H5)
5/1 - Pond on right on way in had two adult YCNH working the shoreline. At least 6 roosting BCNH. 9 Green-winged Teal, one Lesser Yellowlegs, house finch singing.
Beach: 9 Black Scoters, 1 Surf Scoter off beach. One kekking rail on marsh side that if anything sounds like a King, this did, though I suspect it wasn’t. Lots of gulls already working the horseshoe crabs, but no shorebirds yet (Day - Leupold / Virginia)

5/7 - Western Grebe, scoters, Marsh Wren (Multiple viewers)
5/7 - Green-winged Teal on the pond (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 YC Night Heron roosting in trees on left side of pond (Four Loons)
5/8 Spotted Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs, Green-winged Teal, yellow-crowned night heron, 11 Surf Scoters if you look far to the left (Elkins - Bushnell/CT Audubon)
5/8 Western Grebe (4 pm), Surf scoter, pond - Yellow-crowned Night Heron Green-winged Teal, immature Black-crowned Night-Heron (Greg Gough - Smithsonian)
5/9 Green-winged Teal, Black-crowned Night-Heron (Filemyr/Goldman - Nikon/DVOC)

Strawberry Ave
- Blue Grosbeak, Orchard Oriole, Prairie Warbler, House wren from parking area. 1000s of shorebirds, but they’re far away during a lower tide (Elkins-Bushnell/CT Audubon)

Stinson's Island Road (Delorme Page 72 D4)
- 2 more N. Harrier and a Salt Marsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow. (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)

Stone Harbor, Blvd (Delorme Page 72 D4)
5/7 Eurasian Collared Dove at #741 (Multiple viewers)
5/8 Eurasian Collared Dove at #741 2 pm by Cornell. Not seen by other observers at other times during the day.
5/9 Eurasian Collared Dove seen by some and missed by others at various times during the day. (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/10 Eurasian Collared Dove missed about 10 am (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/11 No luck with the Eur Collared-Dove since late Tuesday. (Lehman)

Stone Harbor Point
2 Piping Plovers (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)

Sunset Lake, Wildwood
5/6 several Common Loons (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC, VSO)

Tamberlane Campground (Delorme Page 72 E14)
- But Tamerlane does have one (or two?). We saw it from the McHugh School parking lot, in the tall deciduous tree to the left (and behind) the broken-off stump with the woodpecker hole. It flew back into the camp ground. I searched the camp ground but couldn't find it, although it did call. (Armstrong - Balding Eagles)
5/6 - We have a report that there are several Red-headed Woodpeckers at Tamberlane Campground. On Monday (5/8) we will visit the campground and speak with the managers about specific locations, access, etc. Details will be posted here. (Fritz/Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC
5/7 Red-headed Woodpecker in the vicinity of campsites 148 / 156. Could not locate a nest hole. (Reame - Four Loons)
5/8 Stop in the office and check in. There is a gate that needs to be lifted in the office. The person on duty will be Tara. Make sure you drive in and out at 5 mph. We want to keep our access. Upon entering the campground drive straight back to about the 9th cross street - Walnut. Turn right stop at the #146 sign on the right. Look ahead and left to site # 156. The tree with the active hole(s) is between site 145 and 156. It is right by a picnic talb with a blue tarp over it. Make sure you drive in and out at 5 mph. We want to keep our access. (Nikon/ DVOC, Swarovski/Cornell, VSO)

Thompson's Beach Road (Delorme Page 66 L13)
4/11 - 2 Kestrels near house #56 (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
4/24 - Short-billed Dowitchers, Greater and Lesserlegs, Dunlin and Black-bellied Plovers (Vogel)
4/29 - Notables: Kestrels here 15 Apr (at house on left before road bends right). Harrier near end of road.
Notes: Another tough place to bird in high wind. The house that had the Kestrels has small, very shallow pond/mush in front of it that might attract shorebirds. (Day - Leupold / Virginia)
5/7 Variety of shorebirds – nothing special. No Harrier seen.
I just checked the end – should have checked out house #56 for Kestrel – I’m assuming that is the house one team referred to as “the house on left before road bends right – has a very small, shallow pond/mush area in front of it”. (Four Loons)
5/9 No Kestrel (Filemyr/Goldman - Nikon/DVOC)

Timber / Beaver Swamp WMA (Delorme Page 72 F10)
4/24 - A pair of Gull-billed Terns hawking for frogs.
Prothonotary and Yellow-throated Warblers, 7 Little Blue Herons roosting in the trees around the
swamp edge. (Vogel)
4/29 - Glossy Ibis, Gull-billed Tern (Leathersich - UMLY)
5/5 - Kingfisher, Prothonotory, 2 Gull-billed Terns, large flock of Glossy Ibis that included another! White-faced Ibis. This was a different bird than the one at Jake's, it was a sub-adult. (Fritz - Nikon/DVOC)
5/7 2 White-faced Ibis present (Lehman - NJ RBA)
5/7 At least 2 Gull-billed Tern + tons of Glossy Ibis – Eagle Nest is not active (Four Loons)
5/8 multiple Gull-billed Terns (Cornell)
5/8 White-faced Ibis, Bald Eagles, Gull-billed Terns, Wood Duck (Gough - Smithsonian)
5/11 One adult White-faced Ibis continued today at Beaver Swamp. Ibis
continue to trade in and out of there all day long, so one will quite
possibly have to wait a fair while for one of the two White-faceds to
show up. (Lehman)

Turkey Point (observation platform): (Delorme Page 66 J4)
- Sedge Wren, Clapper Rail (Raicich - UMLY)
5/9 beginning of marsh to dead end: clapper rail, seaside sparrow, harrier, marsh wren, gr. egret, willet, barn swallow, boat- tailed grackle, both night-herons. (McMorris - Four Loons)

Turkey Point (impoundment crossing): (Delorme Page 68 N8)
5/7 - Mute Swans, Forster's Terns, no eagles seen at nest (Filemyr - Nikon/DVOC)
5/9 Maple Ave. causeway: Virginia Rail (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/10 beginning of marsh to dead end: clapper rail, seaside
sparrow, harrier, marsh wren, gr. egret, willet, barn swallow, boat-
tailed grackle, both night-herons. (McMorris - Four Loons)
5/10 Maple Avenue - Virginia Rail (McMorris - Four Loons)

Two-Mile Beach (Delorme Page 73 L24)
- White-crowned Sparrow, a female Purple Finch and and Orchard Oriole looked kinda funny (funny peculiar, not funny haha, although for all I know they may have been laughing it up together in some cryptic Avian way) while foraging nearly side by sude in the little patch of old weeds on a sidewalk at Two-mile Beach. Red-breasted Nuthatch was in pines at Two-mile. (Vogel - Zeiss/CMBO)

Two Mile Landing
5/8 Whimbrel (Gough - Smithsonian)

Wetlands Institute
Red Knots (Gough - Smithsonian)