Lucille Larkin

Member since: January 11, 2018

Positions and Achievements

I was introduced to birding by a Capucian priest who banded birds in my backyard in about 1950. Then I took a short course at a night school the Agricultural Department had in Washington, DC where I was a Journalist. I birded usually alone on the C&O Canal. Another hiatus and I took up birding more seriously a few years ago when I spent some time in Cape May and spent time in classes with Pete Dunn and the benevolent weekend guides at CMBO. Back home in Montgomery County, I was introduced to Jan Gordon through friends dinner party and started looking for opportunities to bird with good birders. Through Jan, I met Gregg Gordon, Phil, and Bonnie Witmer. I met Mary Ellen and Tom Heisey, Rob Bierregaard , Sandy Grimwade and most of these birders helped me try to start a birding group at Philadelphia Country Club in 2016-17, a work still in progress. I have gone on birding trips to Cuba and Costa Rica. I hope to improve my birding skills through a membership in DVOC.