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January 7, 1999 - Annual Meeting

January 21, 1999 - Birds of New Jersey - Jerry Bailey

February 4, 1999 - Churchill - Gateway to the Arctic - John Miller

February 18, 1999 - Academy's Ornithological Research Highlights - Leo Joseph

March 4, 1999 - History of World Series of Birding - Pete Dunne

March 18, 1999 - Identifying Pelagic Birds - Paul Guris

April 1, 1999 - Dr. Mudd to the Brownsville Dump - Kevin Karlson

April 15, 1999 - Vultures - Carol Griffith is on staff at the American Museum of Natural History in NY

May 6, 1999 - The Color of Birds - Vincent Muehter from National Audubon Society

May 20, 1999 - Japan: Birding on the Other Side of the World Spectacles of Cranes, Eagles and More - Armas Hill

June 3, 1999 - May Run and Bird-A-thon Report

Summer Meetings - In Commons

October 7, 1999 - The Wind Birds – by Phil Moylan, whose photos have appeared in many noteworthy publications including National Wildlife Federation and National Geographic Magazines and books. Mr. Moylan’s program will emphasize the shorebirds of the Mid Atlantic states and will include anecdotal interludes interspersed within a formal presentation of the birds’ plumages, habits and habitats.

October 21, 1999 - Tempest Out of the Teacup: The Functional Ecology of Red-necked Phalaropes - by Margaret Rubega , Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the Univ. of CT, Storrs. The interaction of form and function in phalaropes and their fascinating array of behavioral and physical characteristics which have evolved in response to the demands of living and feeding in an aquatic environment.

November 4, 1999 - Members’ Slide Contest – Members submit their best slides in competition for prizes in the categories of - Birds – Natural Landscapes – General Biology - Birders in Action and at Play.

November 18, 1999 - Annual Banquet - Owls of North America – Speaker: Julio de la Torre

December 2, 1999– Living on the Wind: The World of Migratory Birds – Join Scott Weidensaul, naturalist and author on an exploration of how and why birds migrate, and the conservation challenges that face them, based on his new book, "Living on the Wind". The program ranges from the doorstep of the Aleutians and the frozen edge of Hudson Bay through the rainforests of Central and South America to the grassy pampas of Argentina , where hawks and shorebirds gather in multitudes.

December 16, 1999– A Vast Wilderness, A Tiny Bird – Long time DVOC members Clay and Pat Sutton , present a program of their private tour with Wilderness Birding Adventures to Alaska’s remote Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. On an eleven-day wilderness float trip , they were surrounded by such avian goodies as Arctic Warbler , Yellow Wagtail, Smith’s Longspur, Yellow-billed Loon and Arctic Tern, as well as nesting shorebirds, jaegers, and ptarmigan. They will also share their adventures with the many arctic mammals and a special thrill of finding the first ever confirmed nest of Siberian Tit for Alaska and the United States.


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