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January 6, 2000: - Annual General Meeting
Election of Officers and Council, CBC summary reports. Club soiree with food and drink
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January 20, 2000: - "The Philippines Eagle"
Speaker: Ralph Mancke. (This meeting was canceled and rescheduled for Nov 16)
This meeting was cancelled due to weather.

February 3, 2000: - "Beija-fleur: The Birds that Kiss Flowers"
Speaker: Ross Hawkins, President of the Hummingbird Society.
Minutes of this Meeting

February 17, 2000: - "The Lure of Attu"
Speaker: Joe Swertinski, DVOC member.
Minutes of this Meeting

March 2, 2000: - "Living on the Wind" -
Speaker: Scott Weidensaul (PA) The world of migratory birds.
Minutes of this Meeting

March 16, 2000: - "From Rescue to Research: 25 Years of Wildlife Rehabilitation at Tri-State Bird Rescue" (DE)
Speakers: Rachel Soles and Pat Robertson. An overview of the work of the Center and current research work in the areas of oil spills, telemetry, nest placement, etc.
Minutes of this Meeting

April 6, 2002: - "The Evolutionary History of the Ground Antbirds"
Speaker: Nate Rice will describe work he did on these Andean species for his dissertation at University of Kansas. (Meeting in Commons room)
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April 20, 2000: - "The Ecology of Shorebirds of the Delaware Bay"
Speaker: Larry Niles will discuss horseshoe crabs breeding in Delaware Bay and their eggs, a much needed food source for migrating shorebirds.
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May 4, 2000: "Weather and Bird Migration"
Speaker: Paul Lehman, tour leader, weather guru, ex-editor of Birding magazine.
After a weather primer, Paul will describe how weather conditions can affect your birding throughout the year, how to predict fallouts, hawk migration, and rare bird vagrancy.
Minutes of this Meeting

May 18, 2000: - "Everything you ever wanted to know about hummingbirds but were afraid to ask!"
Speaker: Sheri Willamson, Director, South East Arizona Bird Observatory
Sheri is writing a guide to hummingbirds for the Peterson Nature Series.
(Meeting in Commons room)
Minutes of this Meeting

June 1, 2000: - "Chasing Warblers"
Speaker: Bob Thornton (TX) Bob will describe some of the experiences he had while gathering material for his book with this title.
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Summer Meetings July 6, Aug. 3, Sept 7 and 21, 2000

October 5, 2000: - "Bird Tasks for the Millennium"
Speaker: Paul Baicich avid birder, cook, raconteur, author, Editor of ABA's "Birding". A history of trends in both birds and birders followed by present day hopes and aspirations for avian populations and the noble art of birding.
Minutes of this Meeting

October 19, 2000: - "Birding the Adirondacks"
Speaker: Bill Barber (PA)
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November 2, 2000: - Member's slide night
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November 16, 2000: - "The Philipines Eagle"
Speaker: Ralph Mancke (PA) The story of the effort to protect this magnificent, highly endangered species.
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December 7, 2000: - DVOC Banquet “For the Love of Birds” – Past, Present and Future Views of Our Connection with the Avian World
Speaker: Kevin Karlson
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December 21, 2000: - Memorable Moments.
In keeping with the holiday season, this program will feature thought-provoking and /or humorous stories and anecdotes from members. Rich experiences while birding, most memorable moments in the field, dump or sewage pond, items of interest/concern from the media. Anything you know the audience will enjoy. If you wish to contribute to this little pot pourri, let Colin Campbell know well before the date.
Minutes of this Meeting

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