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January 3, 2002- "Annual General Meeting and CBC"
"Reports and highlights of selected Christmas Bird Counts and Annual General Meeting with
Elections, food & beverages (Wine Beer, & Soda)"
Minutes of this meeting.

January 17, 2002 - "The past, present and future of the PA Ornithological Records

Speaker:- George Armistead
Since 1988 the PA ornithological records committee (PORC) has been charged with the task of maintaining the official record of bird species that have occurred in the state of Pennsylvania. PORC consists of 7 voting members and a non-voting secretary, all of whom are volunteers. The members of the committee are chosen by the Ornithological Technical Committee which is part of the PA Biological Survey. PORC members review written, photographic, audio and specimen documentation of rare birds reported from PA.
We intend to discuss what happens to documentation submitted to the committee, what constitutes adequate documentation and what it means if a record is accepted or rejected. We will also present some hypothetical cases, and review a few particularly difficult species. We look forward to an evening of interesting discussion and beautiful bird photos used to illustrate the topics discussed.
Minutes of this meeting.

February 7, 2002 - Matt Sharp
"Conservation and Recovery of Peregrines in Pennsylvania ."
Minutes of this meeting.

February 21, 2002 - DOUG GILL:
"Restoring Eastern Grassland Prairies: A success story."

Comprehensive ecological studies on 220 acres of native grasslands planted on Chino Farms in Queen Anne Co. MD, March 1999 have monitored the ecological responses over the first three years. Focus was on the growth performance of the planted native warm season grasses and invasive alien species and response of wildlife such as Grasshopper Sparrows, Dickcissels and Bobwhite Quail. In the first season other birds of special concern were sighted including nesting of Horned Larks, first breeding pairs of Vesper Sparrows and flocks of migrant Upland Sandpipers.
Minutes of this meeting.

March 7, 2002- JOE MAJDAN:
"The History, Habits and Research of Purple Martins."

Discussion on the subspecies and identification; history; types of housing; breeding characteristics; natural enemies; migration habits and personal research of Purple Martins.
Minutes of this meeting.

March 21, 2002- NATE RICE:
"The Academy's 2001 Expedition to Southern Australia."

Starting in the Gawler and Flinders Ranges of South Australia, we worked through southern South Australia, and then did a transect across New South Wales. The focus of the trip was to collect some of the more common species of birds to this region for specific research projects and also to enhance the Academy's collection of Australian birds. These are the first Australian bird specimens to come the Academy since we purchased Gould's collection in 1848. At 6:30PM Nate will conduct a tour of the Academy's new cabinets and skin collection PRIOR to the meeting at 6:30PM and be ready for the meeting at 7:30PM
Minutes of this meeting.

April 4, 2002- KEVIN KARLSON:
"Birds on the Wind: The Miracle of Migration."

Nothing is more fascinating in the avian world than seasonal migratory movements of birds. From the 20,000-mile annual journey of Arctic Terns to the 1,200-mile non-stop flight of Blackpoll Warblers, there are still many unanswered questions concerning the “how, why, where and when” of bird migration. This show begins with a review of the different types of bird migration, giving general examples of each. Kevin will then highlight bird families and selected species that share unbelievable feats of physical endurance undertaken each year during migration. Finally, interesting facts will be shared that help to maintain the mystique of bird migration.

April 18, 2002- BOB MERCER:
"Book Auction"

The "occasional" DVOC Book Auction will have new twists. All of the books will come from the collection of deceased members, Phil Street, Bob Sehl and Roy Imsick. Since these constitute a large and diverse collection, no other material will be accepted for this auction.
For the first time, you will be able to see a list of all the books in advance by visiting the DVOC web site. The list should be available at least 2 weeks prior to the sale. Since this is a large selection of books, members from other local clubs will be invited to attend the DVOC meeting and join the fun. Checks, cash and IOU's in blood will be accepted.
Minutes of this meeting.

May 2, 2002- LARRY NILES:
"Delaware Shorebird Update."
Minutes of this meeting.

May 16, 2002- John Serrao
"The Magic of Spring"

The timing and sequence of nature’s spring events are remarkable. The opening of buds and blossoming of wildflowers are followed by the emergence of leaf-eating and pollinating insect-eating birds from the south. This program highlights these magical events, plus the breeding of spring amphibians and birth of a new generation of wildlife.
Minutes of this meeting.

June 6, 2002 - Chris Walters

Chris Walters will be hosting the resurrection of the May Run's reports, after an absence of several years. Anyone planning a big day (anywhere and of any kind) during the month of May is requested to contact Chris, hopefully, to participate by handing in your results so that Chris can compile them and giving a brief summary at this meeting (as we do with the CBC's). Contact Chris by phone/email.
Minutes of this meeting.

Sept 19, 2002 - MIKE POWERS
"Cornell's e-bird Projects"
Minutes of this meeting.

October 3, 2002 - FRANK WINDFELDER:
"Vagrant Birds:"

DVOC member, field trip leader, raconteur and generally good egg, Frank will use
the power of high technology to present his meticulously researched program in his series on vagrant birds in our area.
Minutes of this meeting.

October 17, 2003- Adrian Binns
"Britain and its Sea-bird Colonies"
Minutes of this meeting.

November 7, 2003 - MEMBER'S SLIDE NIGHT:
Please bring along your slides, videos, digitized images etc for an evening of fun and entertainment. Enter your slides in the all-embracing categories Birds, Birders, Landscapes and Fauna and Flora. Prizes for best photo in category.
Minutes of this meeting.

"Raising the Dead: The Search for Lost Species."
The Ghost with Trembling Wings: The Search for Lost Species
From ivory-billed woodpeckers in the swamps of Louisiana to Tasmanian
tigers in the mountains of Australia, we cannot let go of some
animals. Though written off as extinct, tantalizing hints of their
continued existence surface from time to time -- enough to keep alive
the hope that they may not be gone. And every so often, one of these
lost species does in fact reappear, like a gift to a paupered
world. What is it about these ghost species that enthralls us,
compelling some people to spend their lives in the hunt for evidence?
And what does the rediscovery of species once thought extinct mean in
this day of global biodiversity loss? Join naturalist and author
Scott Weidensaul for an exploration of this fascinating and complex
subject, based on his new book The Ghost with Trembling Wings.
Minutes of this meeting.

Scott Weidensaul ("Why-den-saul") is the author of more than two
dozen books on natural history, including Mountains of the Heart,
the Pulitzer Prize-nominated Living on the Wind, about migratory
birds, and his latest book, The Ghost With Trembling Wings, about the
search for animals that may or may not be extinct. Weidensaul writes
regularly for Smithsonian magazine, and his work has appeared in such
publications as The New York Times, Natural History, International
Wildlife, Orion and Audubon. His photography and artwork have been
published widely in books and periodicals, and he has guided natural
history tours in the United States and abroad. He is a founding
board member of the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art in Dauphin
County, and serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Audubon Society.
Weidensaul lives in Schuylkill County, Pa., along the Kittatinny
Ridge, where he bands hawks and owls each autumn.
Abstract of the Proceedings

December 5, 2002 - AMIR BALABAN
"Jerusalem Bird Observatory: Urban Wildlife in Jerusalem"

The talk will include a presentation about the establishment of the Jerusalem Bird Observatory and how it was turned into Israel's leading wildlife site. The presentation will review the research and educational projects that the JBO is involved in and future plans for a network of urban wildlife sites all over Israel.

DVOC Members "Memorable Moments in Birding". You are once again invited to enthrall the audience with a tale or two about your adventures in birding. Long or short, old or new, rough or smooth (stories, not people........oh, I don't know, though) - just let me know in good time that you have a tale you know we'd like to hear!
Slide projector available for illustrations.
Minutes of this meeting.

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