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2005 Meetings / Programs


•All who have an interest in birds are invited to attend functions of the DVOC.

•Meetings are lively proceedings, with a featured speaker or a special forum as well as reports from the various committees, announcements, and general field notes.

•All meetings are held at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA beginning at 7:30 pm. Directions to the Academy

Thursday January 8, 2004, 7:30 pm
  Annual General Meeting and CBCs"
Reports and highlights of the Christmas Bird Counts and the Annual General Meeting with elections (new Officers, members of Council, new Fellows, and new Honorary Members), food, and beverages (Wine, Beer, and Soda)
Ornithological Studies - Ring-necked Duck / Adrian Binns
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Thursday January 22, 2004, 7:30 pm
  Bob Mulvihill - "Bird Studies at Powdermill Nature Reserve: Past, Present, and Future".
Ornithological Studies - Recent AOU Name Changes / Adrian Binns
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From its renowned, long-term banding program, begun by Bob Leberman in 1961, to recently completed bioindicator and breeding biology studies of Louisiana Waterthrush, Powdermill Nature Reserve has served as the HQs for many avian studies of local, regional, and even global significance over the last 43 years. A field ornithologist there for the last 21 years, Bob is currently serving as the Project Coordinator of the second PA Breeding Bird Atlas. He will speak about Powdermill's bird studies and give us details (and answer a lot of questions) about the upcoming new Pennsylvania Atlas Project.
Thursday, February 5, 2004, 7:30 pm
  DAN BRAUNING - "Wandering Falcons: Tales of Peregrine Falcon Recovery and Dispersal." Dan is the Pennsylvania Game Commission biologist who overseas Peregrine studies, runs the state's Breeding Bird Surveys, and was project director of Pennsylvania's first breeding bird atlas in the 1980s. He will tell us the findings of recent research in juvenile dispersal of Peregrines and of recent cliff nesting in Pennsylvania.
Ornithological Studies - Juvenile Jaegers / Paul Guris
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Thursday, February 19, 2004, 7:30 pm
  KEVIN KARLSON – “A Special Season at the Point: Stone Harbor NJ 2003.” Did you know what bird bonanzas were found just under our noses last summer at Stone Harbor? Come and hear Kevin Karlson, one of our best bird photographers, show you what he found in our own back yard.
Ornithological Studies - What to Listen For in Learned Calls / Don Jones
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Thursday, March 4, 2004, 7:30 pm
  JEFF GORDON - "The Bird Song Grammies," is a survey of some of the best (and worst) vocal efforts by North American birds, and a look at some of the evolutionary history and ecological function of bird songs and calls. This program is designed not so much to teach how to identify specific bird sounds, but more to impart a broader and deeper appreciation of the vital role played by sound in the lives of birds.
Ornithological Studies - ID Pointers and traps: Greater White Fronted, Pink-footed and Bean Goose / Nikolas Haass
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Thursday, March 18, 2004, 7:30 pm
  DOUG WESCHLER - Academy of Natural Sciences - Vireo "The Asian Flavor of Alaskan Birds". Let the Director of the Academy's Project Vireo, Doug Wechsler, show you the remote and Asiatic bird life of Nome and the Seward Peninsula of Alaska.
Ornithological Studies - East Park Reservoir and Diving Duck Depths / Doris McGovern
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Thursday April 1, 2004, 7:30 pm
  CLAY SUTTON – “Birding Cumberland County, NJ.” Our own DVOCer Clay Sutton will stop writing books for one evening and come tell us the undiscovered benefits of birding the Jersey bayshore of Cumberland County. His talk is based on his recently-published book “Birding Cumberland, A Birder’s Guide to Cumberland County, NJ.” Copies of this $12.00 book will be available for purchase.
Ornithological Studies - White-throated Sparrow: Biology of Color Morphs / Art McMorris
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Thursday April 15, 2004, 7:30 pm
  DR. FRANK GILL – “Citizen Science Ornithology”
Can any one of us – or a group of us -- personally advance the knowledge of ornithology as a “citizen scientist”? No one can better explain than our own Frank Gill, Senior VP in charge of Citizen Science at National Audubon. After Frank joined DVOC in 1969 and led the Academy’s Bird Department for many years, he headed up the mammoth Birds of North America Project. Frank was elected in 1998 as President of the A.O.U. (American Ornithologists Union), ornithology’s most prestigious post.
Let’s welcome Frank back to our podium to tell us what we can do to advance science’s knowledge of birds.
Ornithological Studies - Endemic Birds of the North America / Bert Filemyr
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Thursday May 6, 2004, 7:30 pm
  LAURIE GOODRICH (Hawk Mountain) – “Saving Species While They Are Still Common.” Learn the recent trends in NE raptor populations, the efforts being made to better monitor raptors both in Central America and North America, and the research being done at Hawk Mountain on habitat use, behavior, and feeding by migrating raptors.
Ornithological Studies - Porphyrin Pigments in Bird Feathers / Art McMorris
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Thursday May 20, 2004, 7:30 pm
  JIM CHACE - "Avian Diversity and Cowbird Parasitism in Southeastern Arizona" Want to (re)visit Southeast Arizona? Tag along as Dr. Jameson ("Jim") Chace from Villanova University recounts his field studies on cowbird parasitism in Southwestern Arizona birds. Jim promises to show us the bird hosts, not just the cowbirds!
Ornithological Studies - World Series of Birding Report
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Thursday June 3, 2004, 7:30 pm
  In lieu of a formal speaker, members will give reports on their "May Runs", also known as "Big Days", whether formally a part of the World Series of Birding or not. Audience is free to question or critique the reported sights.
To participate/help in this effort, send your MAY RUN report (species list, bird #s, approx route, and participants) to Chris Walters either by e-mail or fax (215)-851-1420 or mail (C Walters, Reed Smith, 2500 One Liberty Place, Phila, PA 19103), no later than MAY 31. Then, if at all possible be at the June 3 Meeting to "report" (either to brag or seek our sympathy) about your group's "highlights' or "lowlights". Appropriation condolences will be given. Everyone gets 5 minutes of fame to stand up and give their report. Please reserve your laughter or applause until the end. All results sent in by May 31 will be compiled and distributed in hard copy to all at the Meeting.
Minutes of this meeting
Thursday July 1, 2004, 7:30 pm - Held at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center, Palmyra NJ

Please note special location for this meeting! Map
"An Evening With DVOC Honorary Member George Reynard"
George will answer questions informally about his life and times in birding. These include his chasing/spotting Ivory-billed Woodpecker in Cuba, his discovery of the Puerto Rican Whip-poor-will in 1962 after it had not been seen since the 1880s, his work on the wintering grounds of Bicknell's Thrush in the mountains of Hispaniola, his friendship with the leading birders of Jamaica (the Suttons), his discovery of what species of Rail gives the mystery "kicker' song, any tips this master recorder has for recording bird sounds, etc, etc.
Mystery Rail Calls - An article by George Reynard and Steve Harty (*.pdf format)
Some Vocalizations of the Black, Yellow and Virginia Rails - An article by George Reynard (*.pdf format)

Thursday August 5, 2004, 7:30 pm - Held at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center, Palmyra NJ
  Please note special location for this meeting! Map
Informal Summer Meeting
Thursday September 2, 2004, 7:30 pm
  Held at the Academy of Natural Sciences
This informal summer meeting will include special reports/photos by Club members on our "hot" recent sightings of species new to North America: the Red-footed Falcon (Martha's Vineyard), the Dark-bellied Petrel (off North Carolina), the Black-headed Nightingale-Thrush (south Texas), and the Cape Verde Shearwater (off North Carolina). Note: this meeting will be at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia at 7:30 p.m. September 2. At this meeting our President, Adrian Binns, will also unveil more images and tales of his and others' June '04 trip to Manitoba and Churchill (a Churchill II discussion). Come and enjoy. Dinner before the meeting at Parkway Restaurant (20th & Arch).
Thursday September 23, 2004, 7:30 pm
  “Bird Studies in Central Africa,” by one of the Academy’s top globe-trotting ornithologists, Nate Rice. What do we know about the birds of Equatorial Guinea, a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa? Hear what it is like to run an ornithology expedition there, living in tents in the mountains to collect specimens, as Nate has done twice in recent years. Nate will have with him about 200 specimens collected on these expeditions.
Ornithological Studies - Preparation of Bird Study Skins / Connie Goldman
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Thursday October 7, 2004, 7:30 pm 9/21/04
  "Birding South Texas" by Jo Ann Raine and Frank Windfelder
Remember how cold it was in the Delaware Valley that winter? Imagine yourself all of a sudden in the Eden of the Rio Grande Valley, with its balmy temperatures and stunning avian rarities, or at the King Ranch with fields covered with wildflowers as far as the eye can see. You might even deign to look up at that Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl right over your head.
Please come and share this unforgettable experience with us.
Ornithological Studies - Albinism, Leucism/chlorochroism, Schizochroism
and Vitiligo in birds. - Nikolass Haass
Minutes of this meeting
Thursday October 21, 2004, 7:30 pm

DVOC’s Book Auction will substitute for a speaker. The extensive collections of George Reynard and Sandy Sherman will be among the items auctioned off. Proceeds of this auction are targeted to DVOC conservation efforts. Please bid in person or via e-mail.
Auction information and Book List
Ornithological Studies - Laughing Gulls / Franklin's Gulls - Adrian Binns
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Thursday November 4, 2004, 7:30 pm9/21/04
  “How Mosquitoes and Birds Intersect: The Hawaiian Honeycreeper Example” by Dina Fonesca of the Smithsonian Museum. Dina is an expert on mosquitoes and mosquito born diseases. She will share with us her research on avian malaria and its effect on Hawaiian Honeycreepers. Prepare to be amazed about what most of us don’t know about mosquitoes, birds, and disease.
Ornitholgical Studies - From the Archives - Lynn Jackson
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Thursday November 18, 2004, 7:30 pm

DVOC's Annual Banquet will feature Dr. Carl Safina of New York. His talk, entitled "Eye of the Albatross," will tell us what it is like to travel with the greatest flying creatures on earth. Further informtion is available on the Banquet Page.
Banquet Highlights

Thursday December 2, 2004, 7:30 pm
  “Time with Birds: Filming Birds Over 15 Years” by Michael Male and Judy Feith of Virginia. Michael and Judy are famous for creating the videos “Watching Warblers,” and now “Watching Sparrows.” They will share with us highlights of their filming adventures of the last 15 years.
Ornitholgical Studies - Canada Goose/Cackling Goose Split- Matt Sharp
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Thursday December 16, 2004, 7:30 pm
  “How to Spot an Owl” by Pat Sutton of Cape May Bird Observatory. Surely Pat is one of the greatest owl-finders around. Every year her team finds the most owls on the Cape May Christmas Count, and she has “written the book” on the subject. Come hear Pat’s secrets, and see why you too should be able to find owls by yourself.
Ornithological Studies - Dutch Birding - Peter Scholten
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2005 Meetings / Programs

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