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Minutes of the DVOC
December 15, 2011

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Twenty-eight members and eight guests were present.

The minutes of the December 1st meeting were approved as submitted.


Chair Anita Guris announced that Linda Widdop’s application has been approved by Council and she welcomed Linda to the club.

Chair Phil Witmer is looking for suggestions as to which organization we should donate our funds from the 2012 World Series of Birding. Please contact Phil with your suggestions.
It was also noted that Montgomery County, PA is threatening to close their county parks due to funding issues.

Field Trips:
Trip Reports:
Chair Win Shafer reported that there have been no field trips since the last meeting.

Trip Announcements:
December 31 – Conowingo Dam, MD and Perryville, PA. An excellent concentration of Bald Eagles occurs below the dam at this time of the year. We will also search for wintering waterfowl near Perryville. Leader is Tom Reeves.
January 7 – Philadelphia Midwinter Birding Census – An annual event lead by Keith Russell.
January 14-16 – Montauk, NY We will visit various habitat looking for winter species as we work our way out Long Island. The leaders are Erica Brendel and Chris Walters.
March 22 – April 2 – Cuba. Led by Win Shafer. See Win for details.

Vice President Art McMorris announced the upcoming programs.

January 5 will be our Annual Meeting, which will include elections of new officers, the Treasurer’s Report and a short presentation by Bert Filemyr entitled “From the archives: February 3, 1890”. Refreshments will again be coordinated and provided by Bonnie and Phil Witmer.
On January 19, Rob Bierregarrd will present “Juvenile and Adult Osprey Migration between North and South America: Routes, Timing and Mortality”.

Nominating Committee:
Chair Chris Walters announced the new slate of officers for the upcoming elections at the Annual Meeting in January.

Council Win Shafer and Anita Guris
Treasurer Bert Filemyr
Secretary Steve Kacir
Vice President Phil Witmer
President Art McMorris


Paul Guris announced the upcoming pelagic trips:
January 14 Freeport, NY
January 15 Belmar, NJ
February 4 Wildwood, NJ
February 11 Lewes, DE

Art McMorris announced that anyone participating in the Billings Big Year Award for 2012 must notify Art that they are participating by March 31.
Art also announced that 2012 is the bicentennial of the Academy of Natural Sciences. June will be focused on birds. On June 9 and 10 the Academy will provide special programs on birds. They are looking for speakers for these programs, as well as volunteers to assist with these programs and the DVOC table.

Local Notes:
Bert Filemyr reported a Say’s Phoebe in Bucks County, PA.
Art McMorris reported a Snowy Owl at the power plant in Eddington.
Barbara Grainger commented that she had noticed a lack of ducks in the local area. Flocks of Foster’s Gulls and Bonaparte’s Gulls have been seen on Rehoboth Bay.
Al Driscoll noted a Cackling Goose on Palmyra Cove in Riverton, NJ.
Paul Guris noted there were good number of ducks at the ponds in Cape May State Park, including Eurasian Wigeon and a young male Redhead.
Anne Bekker noted 8-9 Redheaded Woodpeckers in Estell Manor, Atlantic County, NJ.
Win Shafer reported 6 Eastern Meadowlarks and a Clay-colored Sparrow at Williston Farm, PA.
Sue Killeen reported hearing a pair of Great Horned Owls near her home in Pottstown, PA.
Todd Fellenbaum and Marty Dellwo reported on the Bell’s Vireo at the Beanery, Cape May, NJ.

Main Program:
Vice President Art McMorris introduced Dr. Laurie Goodrich. Laurie presented “Stopover Ecology of Migrating Hawks in Eastern Pennsylvania”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Bob Horton, Secretary