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Minutes of the DVOC
February 3, 2011

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM. Thirty-three members and six guests were present.

The minutes of the January 20th meeting were approved as submitted.


Chair Phil Witmer reported that a new program has been initiated by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. They are seeking volunteers to act as Delaware River Ambassadors. More information is available at their website, http://www.pecpa.org/ambassador.
Phil announced that the Pennsylvania Game Commission is seeking public input on a draft Bald Eagle Management Plan. Please contact Phil for more information or see the information on our website under The Conservation Corner.
Phil reported on a recent article on the American Bird Conservancy website that provides information on potential bird kills due to wind farms.
A long time Fellow of the DVOC, Kate Brethwaite passed away on December 16 at age 84. The club will be receiving a bequest from her estate.

Field Trips:
Chair Win Shafer conducted the trip reports and announcements:

Trip Reports:
January 22 Cape May, NJ. Martin Selzer reported on a very cold but successful trip to Cape May. In addition to the expected waterfowl, an American Woodcock, Lincoln’s Sparrow and two Short-eared Owls were seen.
January 23 Cumberland County, NJ. Marty Dellwo reported on this trip lead by Tony Croasdale. Another cold and blustery day made the birding difficult. Several Northern Harriers and a Bald Eagle were seen at Husted Landing. After a warm-up at Wawa’s they returned to Husted Landing and was invited to view three Sandhill Cranes in a resident’s yard.

Chair Dino Fiabane announced the upcoming Ornithological Studies:
On February 17, Barbara Grainger will present “Owls create new lawn ornaments.”
On March 3, Edie Parnum will present “Your backyard is for birds.”
On March 17, Gregg Gorton will present “Looking for Ted Parker.”

Frank Windfelder announced the upcoming programs:
On February 17, George Armistead will present “PORNithology: the Birds and the Birds and the Bees.”
On March 3, Paulo Boute will present “Birdwatching in Central West Brazil - A True Bird Paradise!”
On March 17, Richard Crossley will present “Past, Present and Future.”

At the March 3rd meeting, Paulo Boute would love to have donations of any field equipment for children in Brazil

Jim Merritt (former president of the DVOC): has collections for sale: Audubons field notes/ American Birds all issues bound up to 2000 (asking $1300); complete set of Birding Magazine. Additional information is in the DVOC weekly digest.

Dave Githens (former Skimmer captain) now running trips on Maurice River for Bald Eagles Mar 19- Apr 17

Paulagics trip this weekend (Saturday or Sunday weather dependent) space is available if it ends up on Sunday.

Local Notes:

Phil Witmer: In Gladwyne, Phil observed a small Red-tailed Hawk that had caught a squirrel, which was then taken away by a larger Red-tailed Hawk.

Paul Guris: Freeport, NY area has loads of Alcids, Kittiwake and Iceland Gull. At Seven Presidents’ Park in Long Brance, NJ he saw both Crossbills and Horned Larks

Frank Windfelder: Observed 10 Lesser Black-backed Gulls on the Delaware River at Glen Ford in NE Philadelphia.

Rick Mellon: Observed no gulls at all (usually 40,000 +) at Penn Manor, PA.

Trustee’s Report

Chris Walters gave the annual Trustee’s Report. Endowment went from $139,547.04 (end of 2009) to $156,511.97 (end of 2010)

Billings Fund is in one of the bond funds
It is approximately 50/50 bond/equity ratio

Ornithological Study

Dino Fiabane introduced Colin Campbell. Colin presented “Listing –What will be the next new bird in your state?”

Main Program
Frank Windfelder Introduced Kevin Loughlin. Kevin presented “Belize Birding Bonanza.”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25PM

Respectfully submitted

Win Shafer, for Bob Horton, Secretary